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The biggest celebration of Bulgarian folklore begins in Koprivshtitsa

The participants in the 12 th edition of the National Fair of Bulgarian Folk Art in Koprivshtitsa are over 6,500 , it became clear at the press conference the day before the star of the large-scale forum. On August 5, 6 and 7, on..

published on 8/5/22 1:33 PM

The folklore festival “Pirin Sings” takes place in the vicinity of “Predela”

More than 1,500 participants from municipalities located in Southwestern Bulgaria are to perform at the folklore festival “Pirin Sings” on July 30 and 31. The 60th anniversary of the festival will be marked at Predela saddle, which separates Pirin..

published on 7/30/22 10:05 AM

Zhivko Zhelev: My dream has always been to do my creative work here, in Dobrudzha, where my roots are

Dobrudzha, the part of the country where he was born, has always been an inspiration for the artistic ideas of renowned musician Zhivko Zhelev, who recently turned 60. Dobrudzha is where he lives and works, despite a serious job offer he was..

published on 7/29/22 9:50 AM

Almost 400 performers take part in International Folklore Festival in Veliko Turnovo

“Let the show go on!” This is the motto of the International Folklore Festival which opens tonight in Veliko Turnovo.  Over four days, 180 performers from abroad and 200 from Bulgaria will present the culture, traditions, songs and dances of their..

published on 7/23/22 2:24 PM

Georgi Germanov – the folk song is my life

The celebrated Bulgarian singer and instrumentalist Georgi Germanov was born in the coastal town of Obzor, Burgas district, in a family of refugees from Asia Minor and Eastern Thrace. Therefore, it is no coincidence that he devoted himself to..

published on 7/21/22 3:30 PM
Chain dance by the village of Kubei

"Give, my God, give rain!", or how the Bulgarians in the Bessarabian villages keep their traditions

The culture of the Bessarabian Bulgarians is still alive, only today it is found not in the cities, but in the villages, where the rituals are performed in their authentic form and not in some theatrical version intended for tourists, says..

published on 7/20/22 5:25 PM

Valkana Stoyanova – an emblematic voice in Bulgarian folk singing

July 13, 2022 marks the 100 th anniversary since the birth of Bulgaria’s famous Thracian singer Valkana Stoyanova, a true legend during her lifetime. The folklorist Maria Kuteva writes about her: "The masterful performance of..

published on 7/13/22 3:49 PM

Dimitar Lavchev: The gadulka is a way to express my soul

There is so much feeling in Dimitar Lavchev’s gadulka-playing art, the noble voice of his instrument, the gadulka (or rebec) reaches out to listeners at such an emotional level, that he has come to be called Mitko Lavchev – the weeping gadulka...

published on 7/12/22 11:29 AM

Cherry-picking season in Kyustendil is almost over, it is time for cherry filo pastry pie

Fresh cherries can be picked in May and by early July the cherry-picking campaign is almost over. The fruit is rich in vitamins and other nutrients that boost the immune system. Cherries help inhibit oxidative stress and decrease inflammation by..

published on 7/7/22 8:15 AM

First Festival of Ritual Bread in Bulgaria to take place near the Danube

On June 25, the ruins of the medieval fortress Cherven near Ruse will become the venue of the first Festival of Ritual Bread, organized by the Regional Historical Museum in the city. The participants will show ritual breads, which are an integral part of..

published on 6/25/22 7:10 AM