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Flowing wine, dragons, bears and folklore – Delchevo celebrates together with Northern Greece municipalities

Wine will spout from two drinking fountains over the weekend in Delchevo. Perched on top of the mountain, the village located close to Gotse Delchev, has made a name for itself as a tourist attraction with its ancient architecture and the beautiful..

published on 2/1/24 7:30 AM

Babinden in Razlog - a city that is keeper of traditions

At the beginning of each year, The Bulgarian city of Razlog and the surrounding villages start feverish preparations for Babinden or Midwives’ Day. The holiday is dedicated to the “grannies” who helped women give birth. Every year it is celebrated on..

published on 1/20/24 11:14 AM

Surva holiday celebrated in Graovsko and all over Western Bulgaria

The Surva festival begins with the lighting of bonfires and mummers dancing the horo chain danie around the fires on the night of January 13-14.  The power and timelessness of the masquerade tradition has led UNESCO to declare it a World Heritage..

published on 1/14/24 6:30 AM

Mummers parade at carnival in Blagoevgrad

Mummers from the neighborhoods of Bulgaria's town of Blagoevgrad, the neighboring villages and guests from Petrich paraded at a carnival in the regional town, as the sounds of hundreds of bells filled the town.  For yet another year, the Mummers'..

published on 1/7/24 6:31 PM

Men will dance in the icy waters of the Ogosta River for the first time

For more than 20 years in the city of Montana, there has been a tradition on January 6 for people to go to Montanenzium Park, where there is an artificial lake, suitable for conducting the Orthodox Christian ritual called "Saving the Holy Cross" on the..

published on 1/5/24 9:35 PM

Day of Saint Sylvester or Karamanovden

The Orthodox church marks the day of Saint Sylvester today. A Roman Pope, who lived in the 3rd-4th century, and who, according to legend baptized Emperor Constantine I the Great and converted him to Christianity.  In folklore belief, Saint Sylvester is..

published on 1/2/24 10:48 AM

Carol singers in Bulgaria's Yambоl not only sing blessings, but also dance the buenek

In Yambol, a large Christmas carolling festival is traditionally organized on December 25, in which dozens of caroling groups (koledari) sing and dance. Only in Yambol the carollers not only sing and bless, but also dance. The Yambol Christmas..

published on 12/25/23 12:09 PM

Gold, silver and silk - a Bulgarian woman revives the old techniques in making the Kyustendil national costume

Madlen Bozhilova Amin is the winner of the 2021 UNESCO's Living Human Treasure prize for a project related to the making of the old-time folk costume from the region of Kyustendil called "saya" . Some time ago, the Bulgarian woman returned from abroad to..

published on 12/7/23 2:14 PM

Kardzhali is hosting folklore dance festival of amateur clubs

For the 8th time, Kardzhali is hosting the Folklore Festival of amateur folk dance clubs "Perpera".   The forum will gather today on the stage of the theater in Kardzhali more than 420 amateur dancers from all over the country. They will perform..

published on 11/11/23 7:05 AM

Bulgarian folk costumes from the Rhodopes inspire young European designers

Bulgarian national folk costumes from the Rhodope region inspired young European designers, finalists in the Open Space Foundation's Echo Academies project , BTA reported, citing Alma Communication. In the recently concluded first stage of the..

published on 11/4/23 12:35 PM