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Ukraine hopes Azovstal fighters will be exchanged for Russian prisoners of war

Ukrainian Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Malyar has expressed hope that the 264 fighters taken out of the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol will be exchanged for Russian prisoners of war , the Associated Press reported.  She made the assumption in light..

published on 5/18/22 9:12 AM

The evacuation of Ukrainian defenders in Azovstal has begun

264 wounded Ukrainian fighters have been evacuated by bus from the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol. They remain in Russian-occupied territory and will be exchanged for captured Russian servicemen, said Ukrainian Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Malyar...

published on 5/17/22 9:01 AM

Ukraine has struck another Russian warship

Over the past 24 hours, Ukrainian forces have repulsed 18 Russian attacks in Donbass, the army's general staff in Kyiv announced. Russian aviation and heavy equipment are unsuitable for modern warfare and are not sufficiently equipped for long-term..

published on 5/13/22 9:34 AM

Bulgaria's Ministry of Social Affairs mulls forms of support and employment for Ukrainian citizens

During a meeting of the parliamentary committee on labour, social and demographic policy, Bulgaria's Social Minister Georgi Gyokov said that support was being considered for all employers who hire Ukrainian citizens . After the approval of the Ministry..

published on 5/11/22 7:15 PM

Military experts from Ukraine study possibilities for equipment repairs in Bulgarian factories

A delegation from Ukraine has visited the Terem military plants to learn about the possibilities for repairs of military equipment. The delegation includes officials from the government and representatives of Ukraine's defense..

published on 5/11/22 4:46 PM

Ukrainian MP calls on Bulgaria to extend the hotel accommodation programme for Ukrainian refugees

Stepan Chernyavsky, an MP from President Volodymyr Zelensky ’s party "Servant of the People", has asked Bulgaria to continue the hotel accommodation programme for Ukrainian refugees. Earlier, Bulgaria’s government announced that the..

published on 5/10/22 5:56 PM

EU to provide additional financial support to Ukraine

US President Joe Biden has signed the Ukraine Democracy Land Lease Act of 2022. This will allow the U.S. to fund Ukraine's defense against Russian aggression without administrative delay. The act is similar to the Lend Lease Act signed by..

published on 5/10/22 9:31 AM
Deputy Minister of Defence Yordan Bozhilov

Bulgaria is in heightened vigilance mode, Deputy Defence Minister Yordan Bozhilov says

“We are in a situation of “heightened vigilance”, as are all NATO countries.   Many of the military units have more shift duty, there are more army exercises. We are boosting our defence capabilities, as are our allies,” Deputy Minister of Defence..

published on 5/7/22 11:04 AM

World Food Programme calls for reopening of Ukrainian ports so food can move freely to the rest of the world

With the mediation of the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross, on 7 May the evacuation continues of civilians holed up at the Azovstal steel works in the Ukrainian town of Mariupol. Ukraine said 50 civilians were evacuated on Friday,..

published on 5/7/22 10:07 AM
Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria

Bulgarian authorities arrange access to medical care for Ukrainian refugees

Bulgaria's Council of Ministers has adopted a decree providing access to medical care for refugees arriving from Ukraine who have the status of temporary protection . Their health insurance rights are in force from the date of granting this status and..

published on 5/6/22 10:25 AM