The Seven Rila Lakes and the fascination they hold

As a result of glacial erosion during the Quaternary era, clusters of lakes were formed in the higher reaches of Rila Mountain, an essential element of the landscape. The string of the seven lakes of Rila is the longest, most scenic and most..

published on 4/8/17 8:30 AM

Regional Museum of History in Turgovishte, a Revival-time building showcasing ancient artifacts

The Regional Museum of History in Turgovishte in the old, Revival-time part of town, called Varosha, houses over 30,000 exhibits. Some of the artifacts, discovered by archaeologists in these parts, go as far back as the Neolithic age. The..

published on 12/26/16 9:15 AM

Levski’s Karlovo house built up back from ashes, now sanctuary

The house of Vasil Levski, Bulgaria’s national hero and organizer of the anti-Ottoman movement in the 19th c. has always been one of the most visited memorial museums in this country. The building itself is modest and its style is typical for..

published on 6/12/16 9:00 AM

The knowledge of the ancients is encoded in the Belogradchik rocks and surrounding area

In Bulgaria’s Northwestern corner a fantastic rocky landscape meets the eye – the towering Belogradchik rocks inspire awe and deference in any onlooker. The area is studded with yawning abysses, canyons and caves, gateways to the kingdom of..

published on 3/27/16 8:10 AM
The restored fortress gate

Gate of Trajan fortress shining in Bulgarian history

“On 17 August 986 the warriors of Samuel smashed up on this spot the Byzantine invaders of Emperor Basil II. Glory forever!” These are the words engraved on a stone plate, placed at the Trayanovi Vrata (Gate of Trajan) fortress, situated some 60 km to..

published on 3/13/16 9:05 AM

Villa Armira – the marble palace of the river valley

The ancient Villa Armira, built in the second half of the 1 st century AD, is the most opulent Roman palace in what are today the Bulgarian lands. It once belonged to an eminent Thracian noble and was the manor house of his land tenure. It..

published on 2/21/16 9:30 AM

Sparkling gifts from the earth's womb on show at Rhodope Crystals Hall in Madan

Nature is an unsurpassed architect. For millions of years it has worked to create its unique pieces: the crystals that inspire a feeling of brilliance, refinement and beauty. Shown together in the same place, these properties of colored minerals..

published on 1/10/16 9:25 AM
House & Museum Dimitar Peshev

Dimitar Peshev’s Kyustendil house keeps memory of Bulgarian Jews’ rescue

The Dimitar Peshev House & Museum in the town of Kyustendil is a monument of culture, restored nowadays, in order to be a focal point for the memory of those Bulgarians, who managed to pluck from Hitler’s grip some 50,000 Jews who were to..

published on 12/20/15 9:30 AM

Museum of Danube fishing in Tutrakan traces the history of the river and its people

Tutrakan has been a fishing community since time immemorial. The good conditions for catching delicious fish in the Danube and the surrounding marshes have always helped people here earn their living. Archaeological finds indicate that fishing..

published on 11/21/15 8:25 AM

Chiprovski monastery is a place for prayer which can heal the human soul

For each monastery when created, the place is not selected randomly, so it is with the Chiprovtsi monastery. It was built in the 10thcentury in a picturesque area in the region close to the Balkan mountain. It is situated at..

published on 10/21/15 2:14 PM