Art installation reproduces sounds from interviews with key Bulgarian politicians

A new exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art will raise the important question of what politicians have kept quiet about during the transition after the fall of the totalitarian regime in Bulgaria . The installation is called "Premalchiteli"..

published on 2/27/21 2:02 PM

"Vices" Exhibition focuses on weaknesses of the Bulgarians

A century ago Bulgarians used to relax sipping their Turkish-style coffee with lots of sugar, eating Turkish delight or baklava as they engaged in talks. Discussing politics, they were shrouded in tobacco smoke holding a glass of absinthe in hand...

published on 2/24/21 1:14 PM

Two Bulgarian projects are among the laureates of European Citizen’s Prize

The projects “Medea” and “I see through music” are among the laureates of the European Citizen’s Prize 2020. The European Parliament awards the European Citizen’s Prize every year to projects and initiatives that facilitate cross-border..

published on 2/20/21 5:25 AM

Sofia-based Oborishte 5 Gallery hosts exhibition dedicated to the month of love

An exhibition dedicated to the month of love (February) has been displayed at Oborishte 5 Gallery and Hall in Sofia. Until March 6, visitors can enjoy the works of world-famous representatives of the modernist art, as well as works of some of..

published on 2/14/21 10:40 AM

Theodore Ushev to head international jury at the 25th edition of Sofia International Film Festival

Bulgarian animator and multimedia artist Theodore Ushev is to head the international jury at the forthcoming 25 th Sofia International Film Festival. Svetla Tsotsorkova, Director of the film “Sister” that won the 24 th edition of the..

published on 2/13/21 11:25 AM
Vladislav Hristov

Vladislav Hristov becomes first Bulgarian poet to win haiku award of Tokyo's Basho Museum

Vladislav Hristov has become the first Bulgarian poet distinguished with the  the Basho-an award of the International English Haiku Competition held by the Basho Museum in Tokyo, Japan . Another Bulgarian participant, Radka Mindova , has also been..

published on 2/11/21 5:04 PM

165 years since founding of first chitalishte in Bulgaria

Today marks 165 years since the founding of the first chitalishte (community culture club) in Bulgaria. The first Bulgarian chitalishte was founded on this day in 1865 in Svishtov. The idea belongs to Emanuil Vaskidovich, Georgi..

published on 2/11/21 9:04 AM

Paris of the 1930s comes to life in canvases by Bulgarian artists

"Vaska Emanouilova" Gallery in Sofia takes us back to Paris from the 1930s, seen through the eyes of artists from the so-called Bulgarian colony. The exhibition "Meetings in Paris" presents a trip of a group of Bulgarian artists to the French..

published on 2/6/21 6:00 AM

70 years since establishment of Bulgarian State Ballet School

Today we celebrate 70 years since the founding of the State Ballet School in Sofia (today’s National School of Dance Art). It was opened at the initiative of the founder of professional ballet in Bulgaria, Anastas Petrov , with the..

published on 2/5/21 6:00 AM
Maria Bakalova and Sacha Baron Cohen in a scene from Borat 2

24-year-old Maria Bakalova becomes Bulgaria's first Golden Globe nominee

The Bulgarian actress Maria Bakalova has found a place among the nominations for this year's Golden Globe Awards which were announced earlier today . The 24-year-old actress was nominated in the category for a leading female role in a comedy or musical..

published on 2/3/21 4:53 PM