The future of the aviation industry and air ticket prices remains unclear

The global pandemic has grounded more than 80% of aircraft, as all airlines are suffering huge financial damage, and some have already declared bankruptcy. The aviation sector expects the incurred losses to reach more than 3 trillion euros. The..

published on 5/14/20 1:52 PM

Measures in support of the business after the state of emergency discussed in Bulgaria

The question how Bulgaria would exit the crisis caused by the Covid-19 epidemic has become more topical recently. At this stage, its solution is linked mainly with measures for support of the most vulnerable segments of the national economy-the..

published on 4/30/20 12:34 PM

8 financial instruments to support businesses and citizens in Bulgaria

By means of 8 different financial instruments with a public resource of around BGN 4.5 billion (EUR 2.3 billion) the state is to support SMEs, the self-employed and persons on unpaid leave because of the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic,..

published on 4/21/20 2:15 PM

Bulgarians and the economic sociology of crisis

At this time of dire virus crisis, sociological surveys studying the opinion of people in the country of what is going on with and around them have been mushrooming, with a focus on questions concerning health problems and the measures taken by..

published on 4/14/20 1:09 PM

Bulgarian agriculture with new direction of development due to coronavirus outbreak

Bulgarian grain producers are recently worried about selling their produce as it finds markets mainly abroad, and if the COVID-19 epidemic spreads more, it could prevent the grain crops from the coming harvest from reaching customers worldwide...

published on 4/6/20 1:19 PM

Seasonal workers will choose to work in Bulgarian agriculture if employers pay higher wages

The coronavirus crisis across Europe has forced many Bulgarian seasonal workers to return to their homeland. However, in the face of the seeming lack of choice, will they fill the vacant yet underpaid positions in the Bulgarian agriculture..

published on 4/2/20 12:54 PM

Bulgarian regions cannot develop at the same pace artificially

In four consecutive articles, Radio Bulgaria has focused attention on advantages, as well as investment and economic issues that Bulgarian planning regions face. Moving clockwise from the Northwest, North Central, Northeast and Southeastern..

published on 4/1/20 11:34 AM
Опашка пред НОИ

COVID-19: Emergency government measures to counter unemployment

After days of difficult negotiations between the government on the one hand, and the social partners represented by the trade unions and the employer organizations on the other, the government adopted a package of measures to compensate for the..

published on 3/31/20 12:50 PM

The human face of business during COVID-19 epidemic

During the coronavirus crisis that has been raging since March 13 this year, Bulgarian business is showing solidarity and social responsibility every day . And this is happening as business is severely affected by the pandemic and is..

updated on 3/27/20 12:31 AM

Unused opportunities in region of eastern Bulgaria

Eastern Bulgaria is divided into two planning regions framed by the lower Danube River to the north, the Black Sea to the east and Bulgaria’s southern neighbor Turkey. What are the specific characteristics of Eastern Bulgaria - north and..

published on 3/25/20 1:07 PM