Green deal or no deal

The European Commission’s plan to limit global warming and make Europe a carbon-neutral continent by 2050, on the basis of the Paris Agreement, or the Green Deal , is not something the trade unions in Bulgaria are welcoming. They say..

published on 2/25/20 3:24 PM

Debate for and against the euro in Bulgaria must be based on facts

Dnevnik online newspaper carries an analysis by the Institute for Market Economics, according to which the exchange rate mechanism is, above all a political act, and is, therefore, thoroughly unpredictable at this time. Over public..

published on 2/24/20 3:18 PM

Introduction of toll system in Bulgaria guarantees fairer billing model

The new road toll system will start functioning on March 1 this year with lower tariffs negotiated recently by the Bulgarian cabinet and branch organizations in the transport sector . Until February 12, the toll tariffs were subject to public..

published on 2/18/20 12:00 PM

High voltage in Bulgaria’s energy sector

The political parties, business, media and the public have again focused on Bulgaria’s energy sector. This country’s Premier Boyko Borissov called the EU Green Deal a “big problem” and added that Bulgaria should keep the coal-fired thermal..

published on 2/14/20 12:02 PM

Buying new car is becoming increasingly accessible in Bulgaria

Quoting data from the traffic police and car importers in Bulgaria, the BGNES Agency has reported these days that a change in the attitude of Bulgarian citizens towards the purchase of a new car has occurred. This is still happening at a..

published on 2/12/20 2:45 PM

Bulgaria’s entry into the Eurozone – apprehensions and assurances

Will savings be devalued, will the prices of commodities and services go up? These are questions that have raised public concerns in Bulgaria after the recent legislative amendments that make it possible for the exchange rate of the Bulgarian..

published on 2/10/20 4:28 PM

Investments of over 12 million Leva in Black Sea airports in 2020

4.9 million is the number of passengers welcomed at Varna and Burgas airports last year which operate 35,000 flights by Bulgarian and foreign airlines. Despite a 50 percent increase in traffic over the 2015-2018 period, the concessionaire..

published on 2/9/20 10:15 AM

Sofia to allot impressive amount of money for landscaping from its 2020 budget

The Sofia Municipal Council adopted yet another impressive annual budget of the Bulgarian capital. This year it reached EUR 884 million. Bulgaria’s second biggest city Plovdiv has a much smaller budget to the tune of nearly EUR 175 million..

published on 2/7/20 1:47 PM

Innovative Enterprise of the Year, 2019 contest singles out trailblazers in business

An IT company which has developed a progrmame for developing and attracting talent and innovation at the workplace, and a company which has developed software for real-time business expenses management, with application in 10 countries of..

published on 1/31/20 1:41 PM

Official optimism for adopting the euro exists, but Bulgarians want referendum

Together with Croatia, Bulgaria is among the few new EU Member States that have officially declared their desire to join the Eurozone as soon as possible and adopt the euro as their official currency. In Bulgaria, this ambition is accompanied by..

published on 1/30/20 4:08 PM