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With snap elections in the offing, where do we go from here?

Early elections in the country are now a sure thing after the political party chosen by the president – the Bulgarian Socialist Party – handed him back the third exploratory mandate for the formation of a government unfulfilled...

published on 7/29/22 11:11 AM
Georgi Svilenski

All is now clear: There will be early elections for parliament in Bulgaria in the autumn

The Bulgarian National Assembly has voted to strike the governance programme of the outgoing majority, proposed by the Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP, off the weekly agenda of parliament. The BSP was handed the third, and last..

published on 7/27/22 12:36 PM

Balkan Developments

Russia and Ukraine sign grain agreement in Istanbul In the afternoon of July 22 in Istanbul, Russia and Ukraine will sign the agreement proposed by the UN to ease the export of grain from the besieged Black Sea ports of Ukraine, the..

published on 7/22/22 1:30 PM
Radostin Vassilev

Independent MPs are sceptical about ITN's ability to engage in dialogue

"We are extremely sceptical about the apparent openness to dialogue of There is Such a People (ITN). We warn you to be extremely cautious about their declared intentions to co-operate, because they could and should have done so while they were..

published on 7/21/22 5:17 PM

BSP-Democratic Bulgaria talks: chances for a new cabinet growing

The possibility of forming a new government is becoming more and more likely, said the co-chairman of Democratic Bulgaria Hristo Ivanov after the negotiations with the Bulgarian Socialist Party, holder of the third and last mandate for the..

published on 7/21/22 4:15 PM
Photo: Bulgarian Embassy in Sarajevo

Trade between Bulgaria and BiH has increased by 27% in 2021, says Sofia’s ambassador to Sarajevo Valeri Yotov

Bulgaria was the first country to recognise the independent and sovereign Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in early 1992. Diplomatic relations between the two countries were established in January 1996. Two months later Bulgaria opened its embassy in..

published on 7/19/22 5:10 PM

Balkan Developments

Protests in North Macedonia continue The protests in North Macedonia against the European framework proposal for start of EU membership talks have been continuing for a week. The culmination of the protests led by the opposition parties..

published on 7/15/22 12:35 PM

Early elections or another expert cabinet - where does the political impasse lead to?

The country is waiting for the president to hand over the second exploratory mandate for the formation of a government to the second largest political force in the National Assembly - the opposition GERB–SDS coalition. However,..

published on 7/13/22 2:05 PM
 Andrey Gurov

The ruling coalition: before naming a PM, we need to find a workable government formula

The most important thing is to find the right formula for a lasting majority and the implementation of a governance program with clear priorities , said Andrey Gurov of the We Continue the Change party about the third mandate for the formation of a..

published on 7/12/22 4:42 PM

Atanas Velichkov: European Council proposal is the best solution for Bulgaria and North Macedonia

After a week of street protests in Skopje against the French framework proposal for the start of negotiations for the accession of North Macedonia to the EU, a topical question exists: Why is Bulgaria’s southwestern neighbor delaying the decision..

published on 7/12/22 2:35 PM