Sofia has once again called on EU not to put off membership talks with Albania and North Macedonia

At a conference, entitled “From Thessaloniki to Zagreb” and organized by the Greek Foreign Ministry in support of the Western Balkans' European perspective, Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva has warned that the new EC negotiation..

published on 2/25/20 3:58 PM

Full-scale measures taken in Bulgaria to prevent coronavirus outbreak

At 09:00 today at Sofia Airport a demonstration of the ability to respond in case of detection of persons suspected of infection with COVID-19 coronavirus started. An extraordinary meeting of the Security Council at the government was planned..

published on 2/25/20 12:18 PM

President-Prime Minister face off deepens and widens

While inspecting the construction of a motorway on Sunday, PM Boyko Borissov complained he was the target of a mudslinging campaign after a publication in the press in Spain, behind which he discerns President Rumen Radev and Russia...

published on 2/24/20 12:50 PM

Growing intensity in relations with USA, slowdown in relations with Russia

After the meeting between Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and President Donald Trump in USA at the end of November, 2019, we have been seeing a growing intensity in the political exchange between the two countries . In the period from 8..

published on 2/12/20 1:21 PM

CETA raises issues eliciting mixed reactions

With 110 votes “for”, 98 “against” and 7 “abstained” Bulgarian parliament recently voted, at first reading, a bill for the ratification of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and the European Union, CETA...

published on 2/11/20 2:03 PM

Sharp controversy in political circles and media after President Radev’s statement

The Bulgarian media accentuate today the statementof Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev who announced on Tuesday that he withdrew his confidence in Bulgaria’s government. Dnevnik newspaper fontpages the following headline “The cold war got..

published on 2/5/20 3:23 PM

Large businessmen targeted by Bulgaria’s judiciary

Another Bulgarian businessman-Vasil Bozhkov, who is considered one of the wealthiest Bulgarians since the beginning of the transition to democracy and market economy, has been targeted by the Bulgarian judiciary. Earlier, the Prosecutor’s Office..

published on 2/5/20 1:39 PM

President Rumen Radev withdraws confidence from government

In an address to the nation, the President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev officially announced he is withdrawing confidence in the government because it is not acting in the interest of the citizens. Pointing out that for three years he has been urging the..

published on 2/4/20 1:33 PM

The political situation in Bulgaria and the message to the world

In the past 30 years, Bulgaria has undergone a number of political and social tests. This has affected the public adjustments towards significant topics related to the political agenda and the future of this country. If we look back at the..

published on 2/3/20 1:08 PM

UK has left the European Union

The United Kingdom officially left the European Union at midnight on January 31 (Central European Time). This is how the number of EU Member States has become 27. Before that, the EU and the UK held intense negotiations on exit conditions and probable..

published on 2/1/20 2:17 PM