Literary sensation – unseen poems by Yavorov discovered

Newly discovered poems, letters and documents shed new light on the life of Peyo Yavorov

Photo: BGNES

Hitherto unknown poems by prominent Bulgarian poet Peyo Yavorov will be included in a book to be published soon.

The book will also include letters by Yavorov and documents connected with the poet. The valuable discovery was made by a private individual who handed them over to the national library with the request to have them authenticated.

Among the 19 documents dating back to 1912, there are 4 letters addressed to Todor Alexandrov, Hristo Chernopeev, Tane Nikolov and Todor Todorov from the national-liberation movement in Macedonia, information about Yavorov’s work as first mayor of the town of Gotse Delchev, a piece of a flag and 4 receipts. Their authenticity has been proved beyond any doubt by historian and archivist Assoc. Prof. Boshnakova.

The new book, entitled Yavorov unknown will offer readers intriguing moments in the life of the poet from the period when he left, for the second time, as commander of a volunteer detachment to fight for the liberty of Macedonia. But the most powerful of all are hitherto unseen poems of enormous literary value. They were decoded by Assoc. Prof. Milkana Boshnakova and arranged graphically in verse format by literary critic and researcher Plamen Totev.

One of the myths surrounding Peyo Yavorov is connected with the moment he stopped writing. Researchers say he stopped writing poetry after the death of his first love – Mina Todorova in 1910. However, the newly revealed details of his life debunk this myth, and the approaching 142nd anniversary of the birth of the revolutionary-poet (13 January, 1878) is a good occasion to go back to his life’s work and poetic talent which have left an enduring legacy.

English: Milena Daynova


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