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Violinist Tanya Tingarova – Life as 1001 Nights tale

Bulgarian violinist Tanya Tingarova, who was born in Plovdiv, is a young 30-year-old woman who has traveled all over the world thanks to her enormous talent. She says she started playing the instrument at the age of six, but her love for the violin was actually born much later. When she was 13, Tanya travelled to the United States to study at one of the nation's renowned music academies.

"The academy is called Idyllwild Arts Academy and is based in Southern California. It is located at the top of a mountain, in the middle of a pine forest and built above an Indian cemetery. We were in isolation there for five years, and that was at a time when I was a teenager. I had to get used to being away from my family and friends. There I met people from all over the world, as well as children of political leaders, Hollywood directors and actors. We were living in an environment where we all had to develop our skills in the best possible way to represent the academy in a dignified way. "

She spent many of her vacations with foreign families. Staying with them, as well as at the academy had taught her to be extremely independent. So at the age of 13 she was already dealing with all the challenges and difficult moments life could bring. Ten years later fate took her to the next great journey to a completely different world.

"I returned to Bulgaria and received an offer to become part of a classic duo at a five-star hotel in Oman. Before that I knew nothing about the Middle East and accepted my stay in the country as a kind of meditation. The sincere hospitality of people there was something I truly needed after my fight for survival in New York."

Just like in a fairy tale, a series of incredible offers and opportunities followed.

"I was already living in Bulgaria again, but I was in Dubai to shoot a video. My friends asked me if I wanted to become part of the orchestra that accompanied Andrea Bocelli in Abu Dhabi. I had always thought it was something impossible. However, after years of hard work and perseverance I found out that being onstage with such stars is actually a goal that could be accomplished, as long as you know what you want and how to achieve it.”

Then another unexpected invitation followed. Days before a wedding in the family of the Emir of Qatar, the violinist was invited to participate as a performer:

"I was in Dubai and the manager called me urgently to leave for Qatar to play," Tanya recalls. "I barely caught my flight and the authorities in Qatar asked me why I was there and where I was going to play. I could not tell them because my phone had low battery. Fortunately, they let me in. A driver was waiting for me and drove me to a marvelous building that turned out to be the palace of the Emir of Qatar. I played at the wedding of the Emir’s grandson and I was part of a quartet with three other musicians. Each one of us stood on a pedestal under an arch. The moment I started playing I saw a huge video wall showing us. Then we had to improvise, but everyone was very pleased."

After these incredible experiences among royal families, Tanya also played on a cruise ship and traveled almost all over the world for four years. When at sea, you become part of a large family and create great friendships, the Bulgarian says.

These days the violinist feels happiest in her home city of Plovdiv, which she associates with "peace, love and tranquility". She shoots videos at the backdrop of Bulgarian landmarks, thus contributing to their worldwide promotion. “I am glad that after so many years of wandering and seeking happiness outside, I am here again, on my home land,” Tanya Tingarova told Radio Bulgaria in conclusion.

English: Alexander Markov

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