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New Year's address of the Bulgarian Head of State

President Rumen Radev: We need to have big ambitions, bolder dreams and to want more

Photo: president.bg

In his traditional New Year's address to the Bulgarian people, Head of State Rumen Radev thanked all those who in 2021 defended the truth and fought for justice "with honest words and courage". He recalled that for Bulgaria the year was marked by elections and the work of four parliaments and four governments:

"The changes are complex and the old regime would fight to preserve the system that guaranteed its impunity and benefits, but the process of change has started and nothing can stop it if we all participate in it - with common sense, will and courage," President Rumen Radev said.

In his New Year’s address, the President called on people to show their support for all medics who have been selflessly fighting to preserve our lives and health, as well as not to forget those who are lonely, weak and poor.

Looking at the challenges of 2022, the Bulgarian President pointed out the need for urgent solutions related to overcoming the health and energy crisis, as well as the long-delayed reforms for accelerated development.

"The world around us is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Bulgaria can and deserves to be part of this process. We need to have big ambitions, bolder dreams, and we should want more," President Rumen Radev said.

Editor: Krassimir Martinov

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