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“Black Cat” by Rosen Kukosharov

Photo: Facebook/RossenKukosharovOfficial

Rosen Kukosharov has been part of the Bulgarian music scene for 20 years. He writes lyrics and music and performs some of his songs. Over the years he has worked on various projects together with Orlin Pavlov, Lyubo Kirov, Maria Ilieva, Lili Ivanova and others.

In 2020, the musician released the album But a Dream, in which some of the compositions are the work of his brother – famous jazz pianist and composer Milen Kukosharov

Rosen says he has recently been working on a new project. The song "Cherna Kotka” (Black Cat), which we present to you, has been part of the Top 20 chart of the Bulgarian National Radio for several months now. It is about falling in love, knowing that the outcome might not be good. 

The black cat is a symbol of "foretold trouble" but also the hope that "we shall find shelter if a storm comes" remains intact.

Editor: Albena Bezovska

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