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Bridge to Peace project will help Ukrainian refugees learn Bulgarian

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More than 101,000 Ukrainians have found refuge in Bulgaria, most of them – over 63,000 – are women and children. And even though many of the people who have fled the war in Ukraine plan to return, it is not at all clear when that will be possible. In the meantime, these Ukrainian women want to work, to be integrated in the country. 

A new volunteer project by two NGOs – the Bulgarian New Generation Families association and the Ukrainian Logos educational centre, called Bridge to Peace, is set to help them. Its aim is to find and train volunteers quickly who will be able to teach Ukrainian refugees the Bulgarian language by applying a special method that will enable the refugees to speak the language within a month. The first trained volunteer is already lecturing two groups of Ukrainians who started their studies just a few days ago. “And that is just the beginning. We are ready to train a large number of volunteers to help the refugees from Ukraine as much as they can,” the organizers of the Bridge to Peace project say.

Compiled by Gergana Mancheva

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