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Резултати : author Plamen Hristov

The Covid-19 pandemic has a serious impact on the mental health of Bulgarians

The Covid-19 pandemic also has a serious impact on people's mental health, whether or not they have had the coronavirus infection. According to psychiatrists, severe depressive disorders have increased by 25% since the beginning of the..

19.05.21 10:00 |

Covid-19 pandemisi insanların ruh sağlığını ciddi ölçüde etkiliyor

Covid-19 pandemisi, koronavirüsü geçirmiş olsa veya olmasa, insanların ruh sağlığını da ciddi ölçüde etkiliyor. Ruh hekimlerine göre ağır depresif bozukluklar pandeminin başından bu yana yüzde 25 oranında artarken her iki insandan biri uyuku..

19.05.21 09:15 |

Protesters against construction of Rumyantsevo 2 hydroelectric power plant block off traffic along Sofia-Rousse main road

Anglers and environmentalists from all over the country blocked off traffic for about an hour along the Sofia-Rousse main road. No vehicle queues or traffic jams were formed.   They are protesting in Rumyantsevo village near Lukovit, against..

17.12.17 14:13 |

Interior Minister and Chief Secretary inspect route between villages of Mikre and Sopot after deadly road accidents

Police patrols along the Sofia-Varna road on the territory of the region of Lovech will be doubled on weekends and on holidays after the three severe road accidents that took place there since Friday, claiming the lives of 11 and injuring 26, 4 of them..

19.11.17 07:25 |

Minister Karakachanov: The Bulgarian army is 5,600 soldiers short

"The Bulgarian army is currently 5,600 soldiers short. One of the reasons is the low starting salary of 608 Leva a month," said Defence Minister Krasimir Karakachanov. In his words the most serious problem is that around 30-40 percent of the..

24.06.17 17:51 |