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Bulgarian villages turning into demographic deserts

The population of Bulgaria is currently about six and a half million people. Processes of population decline in the country have been deepening and the gloomy forecasts by researchers indicate that by 2040 Bulgaria’s population will decline by..

16.06.21 16:05 |

World Migratory Bird Day raises global awareness of the threats faced by migratory birds

Since 2006 every second Saturday in May has been dedicated to the protection of migratory birds and their habitats. Numerous events are organized on this day to help raise awareness that human life is impossible without the bird world. The most..

07.05.21 18:52 |

A holiday message is coded in “Grandma’s Recipes” children’s painting contest

Bright Week, also known as Pascha Week or Renewal Week begins today. The days after Easter bring enlightement and hope for eternal life. The Church glorifies the Holy Apostles and the Holy Theotokos and it is time for home celebrations..

03.05.21 09:05 |

Assoc. Prof. Gornev: There is no volunteering in medicine, responsibilities and risks are the same for everyone

On International Labour Day, May 1, we often talk about workers and their rights. Decent remuneration and well-deserved rest are an integral part of the principles of freedom and democracy, according to the rule of law. For more than a year,..

01.05.21 06:00 |

Overwork and greater interest in labor rights marked, according to experts

Lawyers almost jokingly say that after the Road Traffic Act, the other most violated law in Bulgaria is the Labor Code. Most often, legal advice from trade unions is sought by people who were fired or forced to leave their jobs; or have not..

30.04.21 10:05 |

Responsible solutions are needed to support Bulgarian businesses amidst Covid crisis

On the last working day of last week, the Bulgarian cabinet which has already filed its resignation submitted to the National Assembly a draft plan for the recovery of Bulgaria. The topic became a reason for endless controversies among the newly..

19.04.21 13:44 |

Radoslav Kirilov – the Bulgarian artist in Spain attempting to humanize the inhuman

Art knows no boundaries and language barriers, it rather brings people together. When an artist has an innate talent, they do not remain hidden from the public, no matter in which country they have chosen to live. Thus, relying only on his..

18.04.21 08:30 |

Hate speech is now targeted at politicians and health institutions with equal fervor: Yuliana Metodieva

The clock is ticking down to the election for parliament which everyone is describing as the most important election for the road the country is going to tread over the next four years. What makes things different this time is that difficult..

31.03.21 16:42 |

Korudjikov studio creates glass masterpieces

Working with glass has become a family tradition and source of income for a family from Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. Borislav Korudjikov is a pioneer in this craft.Today he is among the most famous master glassmakers in Bulgaria. He lectures glass..

25.03.21 13:49 |

Books and education in her homeland are the great wealth of a Bulgarian woman in Paris

Plamena Teneva-Mann has been living in France for 20 years now. She left Bulgaria immediately after graduating from the Technical University in Sofia. Her education in the field of telecommunications opened the doors for her to work in large..

20.03.21 07:00 |