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author: Gergana Mancheva

Wines from Brestovitsa: Elevating Bulgaria's presence on the world wine map

The demand for wine is growing rapidly in the world markets. This is according to the latest data. The reason is customers' preference for sustainable beverages. And there is a new trend in the wine sector - towards the integration of modern technologies..

20.02.24 19:56 |

Can there be an end to the dictate of mobile operators on telecommunications services in the country?

The rise in the price of mobile services at the rate of annual inflation, which was announced in mid-January, came as a cold shower for a large number of affected users. The reason is that this is another element of the creeping upward inflation in the..

16.02.24 17:24 |

Trifon Zarezan: Vine and wine day as part of Bulgarian culture and tradition

Wine production has been going down on a global scale, and 2023 was the year with the lowest level of production in six decades, indicate data of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV). Bulgaria remains comparatively less affected by..

14.02.24 13:49 |
Banat Bulgarians from the village of Bardarski Geran

The lesser-known community of Banat Bulgarians living in Bulgaria

They are among us and it is difficult to distinguish them from all other Bulgarians, as they have an excellent command of literary Bulgarian and fit perfectly into the society, even their names do not sound any different... But what is it that..

31.01.24 13:05 |

Surva is the heart of Pernik and Pernik is the heart of Surva

The countdown is on, in the town of Pernik near Sofia, to the most colourful, noisiest and biggest masquerade festival in Bulgaria. They call it Surva , as this old tradition in the towns and villages of Western Bulgaria is called. It is a men-only..

25.01.24 13:26 |

The 17-centuries-old monastery "Saint Athanasius the Great" protects the Bulgarian church and people

A great blessing and joy for all Orthodox Christians in Bulgaria is the Saint Athanasius Monastery near the town of Chirpan. It was founded by the saint himself in ‎the IV century (344), near an old Roman fortress, close to the then town of Beroe..

18.01.24 15:31 |

Atanas Milanov from Prague: Sofia trams remind me of childhood

The Czech capital city at the threshold of the night, when the last trams take the late passengers to their homes... Through the contrast between lights and shadows, Atanas Milanov shows us a different Prague. His photos are arranged in the hall of the..

16.01.24 14:30 |
Margarita Stein

Publisher Margarita Stein: Bulgarian literature enjoys success in Germany

Bulgarian Margarita Stein has been living in Berlin for 27 years and in 2007 she founded the first family-owned publishing house in the German capital. Together with her husband - a historian and researcher of the Balkans, she focused on the goal of..

10.01.24 14:12 |

For Bulgarians in Athens, folk dancing is the strongest connection with their homeland

Talented choreographers and dancers created dozens of folklore ensembles in Bulgaria in the middle of the 20th century. Due to the idea of having a representative group in every city to promote local folklore and revive traditions, the Pazardzhik..

07.01.24 10:25 |

For the Bulgarians in Athens, folklore dances are the most powerful connection to their homeland

Talented choreographers and dancers created dozens of folklore ensembles in Bulgaria in the middle of the last century. At that time, the idea was that every town should have a representative dance group to promote local folklore and revive..

03.01.24 16:02 |