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Global pandemic threatens rose-growing in Bulgaria

All Bulgarian towns where oil-yielding rose is grown organize celebrations in May. However, this old means of livelihood has been experiencing serious difficulties during the coronavirus pandemic. Although there are many lands planted with..

15.05.20 16:28 |

Life in a state of emergency evoked the need for sign language interpretation on air

There is no official data as to the number of people with hearing impairments in this country, estimations runs to around 120,000. Most are permanently employed and are, in fact, physically healthy and creative people. To many, sign language is..

08.05.20 11:29 |

When people cannot go to the museum, the museum comes to their homes

Museums, galleries, concert halls, chitalishta (community culture clubs) have, for two months, been empty of people. For an obvious reason – they are all subject to the restrictive measures during the pandemic. Our material world may be..

02.05.20 06:19 |
The Balkan Mountain town of Klissura

Quietly and with no colourful reenactments Bulgaria celebrates the heroism of the April uprising

The museums in Koprivshitsa , Panagyurishte , Strelcha , Klisura , Batak tell the story of the love of country and self-sacrifice of the heroes of the April uprising in 1876. The names of these towns evoke a deep feeling of pride to this day...

01.05.20 07:20 |

Living in the conditions of Covid-19 rearranges work schedule for men and women of science

She is a mathematics professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her name is Dima Sinapova. She lives in Chicago, having gone to USA in 1999. Her family is also overseas – her parents live in Iowa, her brother is in Boston. They..

22.04.20 13:49 |
Georgi Bozhilov-Slona, Girl, 1975, Bulgarian Embassy – Paris

Online exhibition # StayAtHome with Art reveals paintings from fund of Bulgaria’s Foreign Ministry

To incapacitate the virus with art during a time of social isolation - hundreds of Bulgarian artists in Bulgaria and around the world are currently working with such a task. The Covid-19 pandemic has also sparked a creative response from one of..

15.04.20 12:20 |

Lazarus Saturday - a holiday that brings us hope even in difficult times

There was a time in the past when the streets of Bulgarian villages were filled with the songs of the lazarki girls on Saint Lazarus Saturday, performing the traditional ritual called “lazaruvane”. In this Bulgarian custom, young girls would..

11.04.20 06:20 |

Bulgarian Aneta Rinaldi from Rome

The stringent measures imposed under the state of emergency in most European countries to check the spread of the coronavirus have foiled the plans of hundreds of Bulgarians who will not be able to come home for Easter. People are taking..

05.04.20 07:30 |

Los voluntarios de la Cruz Roja Búlgara, los “soldados” humanitarios al servicio de la sociedad

El voluntariado es la mayor potencia de nuestra organización , ha manifestado el presidente de la Cruz Roja Búlgara, académico Hristo Grigorov. No obstante la cuarentena en estos momentos, aseguramos la alimentación a 320 000 búlgaros con..

03.04.20 10:58 |

El mar borrascoso revela quiénes son los buenos capitanes

Incluso en tiempos de medidas extraordinarias contra una amenaza que aleja físicamente a las personas, el verdadero artista no se encierra en sí mismo, sino que abre sus sentidos aún más para explorar el mundo a su alrededor. Así, muy de prisa,..

31.03.20 17:45 |