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Assen Vassilev

Assen Vassilev: Mariya Gabriel cannot and should not be Prime Minister of Bulgaria

I can apologize if Mari y a Gabriel felt personally offended.  W hat she did as a candidate for prime minister is unacceptable , said outgoing Minister of Finance and We continue the Change -D emocratic B ulgaria Co-chairman Assen..

20.03.24 18:22 |
Hristo Ivanov

Hristo Ivanov: The Finance Minister's name is ''Minister Eurozone''

''The name of the Minister of Finance at the moment is ''Minister Eurozone’’, Democratic Bulgaria Co-chairman Hristo Ivanov told journalists regarding the position of GERB leader Boyko Borisov that Finance Minister Assen Vassilev should not remain on..

09.03.24 12:54 |
Кирил Петков

Replacing the finance minister would be madness, says PP-DB's Kiril Petkov

We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria (PP-DB) invited GERB to start government negotiations in Parliament on Friday March 8, PP-DB co-leader Kiril Petkov confirmed on the sidelines of Parliament. He added that the PP-DB wanted to see a government..

07.03.24 16:36 |

Parties to start negotiations on rotating power on March 8, Finance Minister says

Finance Minister Asen Vassilev said that negotiations between "We Continue - Democratic Bulgaria" (PP-DB) and GERB-SDS on the rotation of power in the government would take place on Friday (March 8), Saturday and Sunday .  Mr Vassilev expected..

06.03.24 16:00 |
Assen Vassilev

Finance Minister Assen Vassilev believes Bulgaria will be able to adopt the euro in 2025 at 3% inflation

The average annual inflation in Bulgaria will be 3%, according to data of the European Central Bank and the European Commission, said Finance Minister Assen Vassilev, who is in Ghent, Belgium, for the informal meeting of EU economic and financial..

24.02.24 16:04 |
Finance Minister Assen Vassilev

Assen Vassilev does not insist on being Deputy Premier after the cabinet rotation

''I have never been a Deputy Prime Minister in this cabinet and I have never insisted on being a Deputy Premier. I have always been and wanted to be the Minister of Finance’’, Assen Vassilev said for Nova TV with regard to the upcoming..

29.01.24 09:49 |

Tax checks underway in a number of companies are unrelated to Austria's Schengen rejection, Finance Minister says

Tax inspectors are currently carrying out checks at "probably 500-600-700 companies in the country", Finance Minister Assen Vassilev said, denying media reports that the checks at a large Austrian food chain and an Austrian petrol station were linked to..

10.01.24 15:47 |
Yordan Tsonev (L) and Assen Vassilev

Finance Minister Vassilev: The state budget for 2024 will be approved before Christmas

Discussion of the state budget for 2024 will begin next week in plenary, and tomorrow – of the proposals for amendments to the tax laws. This was agreed by Finance Minister Assen Vassilev and the chair of the National Assembly’s Budget and Finance..

06.12.23 16:00 |

People engaged in the sphere of art organize big protest demanding higher pay

People engaged in the sphere of art are staging a protest in front of the Council of Ministers over the planned low budget in the sector for next year, and are demanding a meeting with the prime minister and the minister of culture. They are..

06.12.23 14:29 |

No risk of fuel shortages in Bulgaria, if Lukoil leaves the country, Finance Minister says

There is no risk of Bulgaria running out of fuel, Finance Minister Assen Vassilev said in response to Lukoil's announcement that it was considering selling its operations in the country. "In view of the significant change in the operating..

05.12.23 15:06 |
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