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Minister of Finance in the caretaker cabinet Assen Vassilev

Caretaker cabinet proposes budget update

The proposal of the caretaker government for an update of the budget is to be presented today at the third public council with the minister of finance, BNR’s Marta Mladenova reports. According to caretaker Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev..

22.07.21 06:10 |

Caretaker cabinet seeks to increase revenues with a focus on large taxpayers

Pavel Tonev has been appointed D irector of the National Customs Agency, Bulgaria’s caretaker Minister of Finance As s en Vassilev announced at a press-conference. The head of the National Revenue Agency Galya Dimitrova was released due to..

14.05.21 12:17 |
Caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev

Caretaker government to present true picture of the situation in the country next week

The true picture of the situation in the country, ascertained by the caretaker government will be presented next week to the public in Bulgaria, caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev declared at the first government sitting today.   Gulub..

13.05.21 15:43 |
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