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Geopolitical uncertainty and reduced international demand are shrinking GDP

The real growth of the gross domestic product (GDP) in Bulgaria for 2023 will be 1.8% compared to 3.9% in 2022 . The growth is mainly determined by an increase in private consumption and positive net exports. The change in inventories has a significant..

26.01.24 12:01 |

New law on the Bulgarian National Bank adopted in first reading

The National Assembly has adopted in first reading the new law on the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB), which will enable Bulgaria to join the euro area. The purpose of the law is to ensure the legal integration of the Bulgarian National Bank into the..

19.01.24 18:42 |
The reverse design of the coins is based on a miracle-working icon of the Virgin Mary - Golden Apple, which is kept at a church in Asenovgrad (South Central Bulgaria).

BNB puts into circulation four new gold coins St. Mary - Golden Apple

The Bulgarian National Bank today issued a set of four gold commemorative coins with the theme "St. Mary - Golden Apple" in different denominations. Until January 4, each customer can buy a maximum of 2 coins of each denomination, after which the coins..

02.01.24 07:10 |

BNB starts the new year with lowering the main interest rate

The Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) lowers the main interest rate to 3.79% in January 1, 2024, BTA has reported. This is the first cut in the key rate since October 2022, albeit by just 0.01% from December's level. In November, the main interest rate was..

30.12.23 10:05 |
Dimitar Radev

The BNB recommends a 10% buffer in the 2024 budget

GDP growth in Bulgaria will be 1.9% in 2023, slowing to half the 3.9% rate in 2022. Domestic demand and net exports will contribute to growth. Annual inflation will be 6.1 per cent. These are the expectations of analysts at the Bulgarian National Bank..

28.11.23 14:26 |
BNB building

For third consecutive month BNB raises base rate

On 1 November, the Bulgarian National Bank is raising the base rate for the national currency – Lev – to 3.79 %. The base rate in October was 3.64%, and in September 3.53%.  Interest rates have been going up since the end of September 2022 when..

01.11.23 08:33 |

Dimitar Radev is once again governor of the BNB

With the votes of 155 MPs in the 240-seat parliament, Dimitar Radev was elected governor of the Bulgarian National Bank for the next 6 years. He was nominated for a second term by GERB-SDS and supported by PP-DB. During his..

18.07.23 16:39 |

Bulgarian National Bank sets base interest rate at 2.17%

The Bulgarian National Bank raised the base interest rate by 0.35% to 2.17%. The new base interest rate is effective as of March 1. In February the base rate was at 1.82%. The interest rate increase comes against the backdrop of increasing interest..

01.03.23 11:40 |

Bulgarian National Bank approves the merger of KBC Bank Bulgaria and UBB

The Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) has approved the merger of KBC Bank Bulgaria (former Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria) and the United Bulgarian Bank (UBB). The decision is in implementation of an instruction of the European Central Bank, the BNB said. The..

14.02.23 18:05 |

BNB issues a silver coin dedicated to Nayden Gerov

On February 6, 2023, the Bulgarian National Bank is putting into circulation a silver commemorative coin on the theme "200 years since the birth of Nayden Gerov" from the "Bulgarian Revival" series. The price of the coin is BGN..

06.02.23 08:20 |
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