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Balchik Palace

Exhibition in Balchik Palace makes tourists acquainted with Bulgarian crafts

The exhibition entitled "Bulgarian folklore preserved in crafts, encoded in embroidery" includes unique works of art and is now open to visitors. The exhibition is arranged in the Palace in the Black Sea town of Balchik and can be seen until July..

06.07.21 05:05 |

Tourist homesteads to offer alternative holiday near Balchik

Tourist homesteads will emerge in the areas between the urbanized territories and the agricultural lands of Bulgaria’s coastal town of Balchik. Thus, the local municipality hopes to attract more tourists near the beach. The idea is part of the..

23.01.21 09:10 |

Six commercial videos prepare tourists for summer 2021

One of the most beautiful resort towns on Bulgaria’s Northern Black Sea coast is already working on a strategy to attract more guests in the summer of 2021. For the purpose, the local authorities have prepared six promotional videos dedicated to..

10.01.21 10:55 |

Balchik municipality imposes moratorium on construction of 5G network

Balchik is the first municipality in Bulgaria to have banned the construction of a 5G network. On 30 September the local municipal council imposed a one-year moratorium on the construction of any such installations, Pro News Dobrich website..

06.10.20 15:22 |

Exhibition in Balchik shows life of Tsaritsa Eleonore

University Botanical Garden - Balchik presents an exhibition dedicated to the 160th anniversary of the birth of Eleanore,Tsaritsa of Bulgaria. The exhibition includes archival photographs provided by the State Archives Agency and shows the life..

29.08.20 12:12 |

Tatar treasure exhibited in Balchik

The Tatar treasure from the Kaliakra fortress will remain in the architectural complex "The Palace" in Balchik until the end of October, so that tourists can enjoy the exhibits found in 2018. Nearly a thousand objects were once placed in a clay..

08.08.20 05:30 |

Balchik Classic Days 2020 attracts audience under the open sky

The Balchik Classic Days music festival continues today (July 30) with the only jazz concert in the program. The musicians of the "Funkallero" with leader pianist Vasil Spasov will perform on the stage in the Black Sea town of Balchik..

30.07.20 15:33 |
Balchik Palace

Balchik hosts Week of Czech Culture

Week of Czech Culture is to be held for the fourth consecutive year at the State Cultural Institute the Palace in the coastal town of Balchik. The event will begin on July 6 at the Tunnel gallery with exhibition of glass sculptures...

04.07.20 05:35 |

More than 80 couples from Bulgaria and the world married in Balchik Palace in 2018

Honeymooners from Bulgaria, Fiji, Canada, Switzerland, Great Britain, Germany, Romania and other countries have married in the Palace in the Black Sea town of Balchik. Among more than 80 wedding celebrations that have taken place there during the..

28.12.18 15:00 |

Meetings of PM Borissov and Environment Minister Dimov in Varna end

The meeting of Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and Minister of Environment Neno Dimov with the mayors of Kavarna, Balchik and Shabla over tensions linked to the region of Kaliakra has ended. Representatives of the initiative committee..

06.08.17 16:55 |
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