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Mykolaiv Oblast, Ukraine, June 2023

Bulgarian Black Sea coast remains unaffected by environmental catastrophe after Nova Kakhovka dam collapse

There is no evidence of pollution in the Bulgarian waters of the Black Sea as a result of the destroyed wall of the "Nova Kakhovka" dam in Ukraine, the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment reports. Satellite observations and modeling of..

19.06.23 13:37 |
Zaritsa Dinkova

Predictions for the tourist season on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast are very good, minister of tourism says

The forecast for the development of the tourist season in this country is extremely positive, said Minister of Tourism Zaritsa Dinkova in Varna.   No data of pollution of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast ‎following Kakhovka dam collapse..

16.06.23 16:31 |

No data of pollution of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast ‎following Kakhovka dam collapse

The destruction of the Kakhovka dam in Ukraine has caused an ‎ecological catastrophe, the scale of which goes beyond the borders of the ‎country and will have an impact on neighboring countries to varying ‎degrees.    So far, there are no data..

16.06.23 13:55 |

There is no data of pollution along Bulgaria’s Black Sea coastline after Nova Kakhovka disaster, government says

There are no data of pollution in the region of Bulgaria’s Black Sea coastline after the explosion and destruction of Nova Kakhovka dam on the Dnipro river in Ukraine, and the subsequent flooding of the area, the government press service has..

10.06.23 11:18 |

US ambassador has met with mayors of Bulgarian Black Sea municipalities

US Ambassador to Bulgaria, Kenneth Merten, has met the mayors from Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast municipalities as part of the Embassy’s Black Sea month initiative. We are committed to working with Bulgarian leaders to strengthen the..

01.06.23 16:21 |

Bulgaria supports an enhanced NATO commitment in the Black Sea

“The Black Sea region has become a key strategic zone of confrontation between Russia and the West. Bulgaria supports an enhanced commitment by NATO, guided by the understanding that NATO’s Eastern flank and the Black Sea region are an important..

25.04.23 15:09 |

Navy in Varna on alert over suspicious floating object in the sea

Normal shipping in the Varna area was briefly suspended after a report of a suspected floating mine. The suspicious object was spotted 400 meters away from the coast, north of the mouth of the Kamchia River and the Navy in Varna was..

17.04.23 16:37 |

Varna Airport reports 57% increase in passengers since the beginning of ‎2023

Since the beginning of 2023, there has been a significant increase in passengers ‎at Bulgaria's  Varna Airport . It seems that the Bulgarian Black sea capital is about to catch up ‎with the serious outflow of travelers in the last two years, related to..

21.03.23 13:44 |

Temperatures on the rise on Saturday

Sunshine is expected tomorrow over Western and Central Bulgaria . Over the eastern regions, overcast skies are in the forecast with light showers in some places.  The minimum temperatures on Saturday will be between minus 2 °C and 3 °C, t he highs..

17.03.23 19:55 |

Poland to send four MiG-29s to Ukraine

Poland will supply Ukraine with an initial batch of four MiG-29 fighter jets, Polish President Andrzej Duda announced . According to him, this will happen in the next few days, and the plan is for the country to receive a total of 12 planes later. On..

17.03.23 09:36 |
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