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Bulgarian higher education institutions join European Universities Alliance

The Medical University in Sofia and the Agricultural University of Plovdiv have joined consortia that are part of the European Universities initiative. The European Commission has approved 4 more alliances, two of which involve..

09.08.22 11:00 |

16 Covid-related deaths for a day, total number of patients declines

There were 2,318 new Covid cases registered in Bulgaria in the past day. The number of new cases rose by 1,907 in comparison to the previous day. Over 2/3 of the newly infected are non-vaccinated citizens. 23.6% of 9,800 tests..

09.08.22 09:44 |

National Geographic presents Bulgaria in its project "Europe from above"

Six countries, including Bulgaria, are presented in the television project "Europe from above" by National Geographic, which will premiere in September 2022. In addition to Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Denmark, Scotland and Belgium are..

09.08.22 08:00 |

Bulgaria ranks 67th in the world in terms of military power

Bulgaria ranks 67th in terms of military power in the annual "Global Firepower" report that assesses the military power of 142 countries, as the rank depends on a variety of factors ranging from the variety of weapons and available..

08.08.22 14:56 |

Planned protests against government's gas policy postponed

The organizers of this week's planned protests in front of the presidency in Sofia postponed the protest until August 10. It was previously announced that the beginning week would be marked by protests against the energy policy of the..

08.08.22 14:38 |

“Ashure Day” marked in Bulgaria’s Plovdiv

Thousands of Plovdiv residents and guests of the city tasted the pudding distributed on "Ashure Day" . According to tradition, the festivities were held in the city center in front of the Djumaya Mosque. For another year, the Muslim..

08.08.22 14:04 |
Mark Potts

Mark Potts - an American in love with Bulgaria’s Shumen

"Bulgaria begins here" is how the lyrics of the anthem of the city of Shumen go. Today, we tell you about an American for whom the northeastern Bulgarian city was just the beginning of a full-blown love for Bulgaria that he has preserved for decades...

07.08.22 07:30 |
Hristo Alexiev

Crisis-management headquarters identify necessary measures in Bulgaria's energy sector

The crisis headquarters in the energy sector, formed by Bulgarian Prime Minister Galab Donev, held its first meeting. After its end, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Policies and Minister of Transport and Communications Hristo Alexiev, announced..

04.08.22 19:13 |

Number of polling stations abroad to be announced by September 10

The Central Election Commission (CEC) need to determine the locations where overseas voting sections will be established by September 10, 2022, which is 21 days before the elecdtions. This became known at today's meeting of the commission, BTA..

04.08.22 18:48 |

Long queue of trucks at Danube Bridge 2

The queue of trucks waiting to cross Danube Bridge 2 near Vidin - Kalafat already exceeds 10 kilometers of length, BTA reports. Drivers are forced to wait for 16-18 hours. Crossing the bridge itself takes less than 5 minutes, while checks at the border..

04.08.22 18:37 |

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