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Metropolitan Gavriil: Choosing a patriarch will not be an easy task

This morning, dozens of lay people flocked to the church of Saint Nedelya in central Sofia to pay homage to the memory of Patriarch Neophyte who passed away late last night. At the same time, believers from all over the country traveled hundreds of..

14.03.24 11:08 |

His Holiness the Bulgarian Patriarch Neophyte has passed away

After a long illness, His Holiness the Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and Metropolitan of Sofia Neophyte has left us at the age of 78 . Shortly before midnight, on March 13, in an official statement, the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox..

14.03.24 09:20 |

Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks the Assumption of Constantine-Cyril the Philosopher

On February 14 the Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks the Assumption of Constantine the Philosopher who took the name of Cyril in monkhood. Cyril came from noble parents in Thessaloniki. He studied at the Magnaura School in Constantinople. Because..

14.02.24 18:17 |

Orthodox Christians honour the Holy Martyr Trifon

Today, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church pays hommageSaint Trifon.  The saint, who lived in the III century in the Asia Minor region of Phrygia, had the gift of healing. He was killed after refusing to return to paganism.  Saint Trifon is..

01.02.24 05:15 |

Construction of the first Bulgarian church in London under way

The construction of the first Bulgarian Orthodox church in London named after Saint Ivan Rilski  is progressing . To date, only the Bulgarian Orthodox community does not have its own church in the United Kingdom. Construction begins of a new..

08.01.24 10:20 |

Metropolitan Anthony of Western and Central Europe to serve the Divine Liturgy for the Feast of Nativity

Metropolitan Anthony of Western and Central Europe has been invited to serve the Divine Liturgy for the Feast of the Nativity of Christ and for Epiphany at the St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral in Sofia. He will replace Patriarch Neophyte, decided the..

24.12.23 10:43 |

Bulgarians celebrate Saint Nicholas Day

On December 6, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates the feast of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker known in Bulgaria as Nikulden. Saint Nicholas is believed to be a patron of the seas, sailors and fishermen and is one of the most revered saints in..

06.12.23 07:30 |
The Head of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church Partiarch Neophyte has not been seen in public for a month.

Patriarch Neophyte is feeling better, says the Holy Synod

The health of Patriarch Neophyte is improving , Emil Velinov, head of the protocol of the Holy Synod, told BTA. He added that the entire higher clergy of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church hoped to celebrate Christmas with their spiritual leader. The..

02.12.23 14:37 |

The Christmas fasting - 40 days of spiritual purification before the glorious Nativity

On November 15, the second longest fasting in the Bulgarian Orthodox tradition begins, which is preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus Christ. ‎ It is believed that, although it lasts 40 days, the Christ's Nativity fast is not as..

15.11.23 09:44 |
Byzantine mosaic of Saint John Chrysostom in the Church of Saint Sophia in Istanbul

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church pays homage to Saint John Chrysostom

On November 13, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church pays homage to Saint John Chrysostom - one of the most prominent fathers and teachers of Christianity. Saint John was born in Antioch, Syria in 347. After completing his studies in Athens, he returned to..

13.11.23 09:39 |
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