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Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors Holy Martyrs Sophia, Vyara, Nadezhda and Lyubov

On September 17, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors the Holy Martyr Sophia and her daughters Vyara, Nadezhda and Lyubov (Faith, Hope and Love). September 17 is a holiday of the spiritual virtues- wisdom, hope, faith and love. The legend..

17.09.21 10:10 |

Orthodox Church marks Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

On September 8 all eparchies of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrate one of the biggest Christian feasts, the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, known also as Little Virgin Mary. It is one of the three major feasts dedicated to the Mother of God..

08.09.21 05:35 |

Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks Dormition of St. John of Rila

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks today the Dormition of St. John of Rila (Ivan Rilski), patron saint of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian People. St. John of Rila was born around 876 in the village of Skrino located at the foot of the Osogovo Mountain...

18.08.21 15:20 |

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church pays homage to Saint Marina

July 17 is the day on which Orthodox Christians honour the memory of the Holy Martyr Marina.  In Bulgarian folk beliefs, the saint is called the Fiery Marina and symbolizes the heavenly fire. She is the patroness of the harvest and the fields. The..

17.07.21 06:15 |

St. Peter's Day marks start of true summer

Today, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates the Day of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, known among Bulgarians as Petrovden . St. Peter's birth name was Simon and he was an ordinary fisherman from Galilee. After becoming one of the first..

29.06.21 02:10 |

The health of the Bulgarian patriarch Neophyte is improving

Bulgarian Patriarch Neophyte is in better health. This was announced to Nova TV by the Metropolitan of Lovech diocese, Gavriil. The head of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church was admitted to the neurology department of Tokuda Hospital two days ago for..

19.06.21 17:03 |

On May 11, Bulgarians pay homage to Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius

Today the Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates the day of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles and Illuminators Cyril and Methodius , the creators and distributors of the Slavic alphabet - the Glagolitic alphabet. In recognition of the..

11.05.21 11:03 |
Patriarch Neophyte

68 years since restoration of Bulgarian Patriarchate

On May 10, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates the 68 th anniversary since the restoration of the Bulgarian Patriarchate.  "We went through the atheistic regime like martyrs , under the wise leadership of our deceased father and predecessor..

10.05.21 12:42 |

Bulgarian Orthodox Church expects guidelines regarding forthcoming Christian holidays

The Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church is expecting to receive clear guidelines from this country’s Police and the National Operational Headquarters for Combating Covid-19 regarding the church services during the forthcoming Palm Sunday and..

22.04.21 10:55 |

Bulgarian Orthodox Church pays homage to Saint Sophronius of Vratsa

Today the Bulgaria Orthodox Church honours the memory of Saint Sophronius of Vratsa  - a Bulgarian clergyman, bishop of Vratsa, national awakener and first follower of the work of Paisii Hilendarski. In Vratsa, the feast of the saint, who is the..

11.03.21 09:12 |
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