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Gabriela Ivanova’s path to success in music and her life in Dublin

One of many Bulgarian children across the world has welcomed with excitement the first school day thousands of kilometers away from Bulgaria. Although she is far from her homeland, Gabriela Ivanova has not stopped studying her native..

18.09.21 08:45 |

Bulgarian school in Bern with Christmas concert online

Despite the pandemic, the Bulgarian school in Bern, Switzerland, remained open throughout the year with the exception of March . The students and their teachers even organized a Christmas concert, though without an audience, but the children’s..

22.12.20 16:26 |

Bulgarian children in UK’s Reading in expectation of Christmas and New Year

When Victoria Vlahovska moved to Reading, UK, it turned out that the Bulgarian school that her daughter was supposed to attend to study her native language was more than an hour’s drive away. However, the Bulgarian diaspora in Reading is large,..

21.12.20 12:46 |
Tanya Kostova

Bulgarian community in San Fransisco keeps native traditions alive

The success of every patriotic deed undertaken by Tanya Kostova is due to a simple rule. Nothing happens and is done at all cost. That is probably why our compatriot who lives in remote America avoids using the word “must”. This work style..

07.10.20 05:05 |

70th anniversary of the Bulgarian School in Bratislava

In November 1948 the Bulgarian school in Bratislava opened doors to carry out its mission of keeping the Bulgarian spirit, culture and traditions at the center of Europe. The first alumni were 44 children of Bulgarian market gardeners who had..

23.05.18 16:13 |
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