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Burgas marks 120th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and USA

With a series of events on May 30 and 31th in Burgas, the 120th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and the USA will be marked. On this occasion, the US ambassador to Bulgaria, Kenneth Merten,..

30.05.23 08:25 |

The planetarium in Burgas is now open to visitors

Residents and guests of Burgas can now take advantage of yet another attraction in the seaside city, which will introduce them to what is happening in the vast Cosmos. It is about the newly opened planetarium, located in the area of the Burgas-East port..

29.05.23 11:15 |

In Burgas, police chase smuggler's SUV

A police car chase in the port city of Burgas has ended with the arrest of eight migrants and their Pakistani driver. The refugees, allegedly Syrian nationals, boarded a jeep that had previously passed empty through the police checkpoint on the..

20.05.23 16:45 |
Golden-headed lion tamarins

New exotic monkeys at Burgas zoo

A pair of golden-headed lion tamarins, cottontop tamarins, marmosets and a meerkat family are among the newcomers to the zoo in Burgas. The golden-headed lion tamarins are among the rarest monkeys in the world, and are the only ones in Bulgaria...

08.05.23 08:10 |

In Strandzha, everyone sings in harmony with nature

‎"Folklore gives us the most generous gifts - strength, health, love and comfort," ‎says Bulgarian folk singer Zlatka Stavreva. Known among connoisseurs as the ‎‎"white swallow of Strandzha", she tirelessly conveys to young people her love ‎for songs..

28.04.23 09:50 |

National flower show opens in Burgas

The 38 th edition of the Flora 2023 national flower show opens in Burgas’ sea garden today, with the participation of more than 90 companies, farmers and florists from all over the country. The show will be on until 8 May, and guests..

28.04.23 07:10 |

An Australian shipwrecks near Primorsko and falls in love with Bulgaria

60-year-old Australian traveler Alexander James McKinnon was shipwrecked off the coast of Bulgaria's coastal town Primorsko. He departed from the Romanian city of Sulina through the Danube Delta and the Black Sea with his final destination being Venice...

27.04.23 22:20 |

Burgas Zoo puts on display collection of exotic eggs

To celebrate Easter, Burgas Zoo is displaying its collection of exotic wild bird and poultry eggs.   The Burgas Zoo collection is the biggest in the country and can be used as a teaching aid. It includes all kinds of eggs - emu, tinamou,..

16.04.23 06:15 |

Scientists have found pink flamingo nests in Bulgaria for the first time

Nesting pink flamingos have been spotted on the territory of Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds has reported. About 80 birds are already laying their eggs by the Atanasovo Lake near the Burgas salt pans. The..

10.04.23 11:54 |

Russian oil company Lukoil fined for having monopoly on the Bulgarian market

Bulgaria's Commission for the Protection of Competition has imposed a fine on Lukoil-Bulgaria and Lukoil Neftohim Burgas" of over 82 million euros due to their monopoly position on the fuel storage market. In order to preserve their monopoly, for..

05.04.23 13:45 |
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