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Plamen Dimitrov

Public anger over prices may turn to disapproval voting at 2 April election, CITUB president says

Officially, the total inflation in Bulgaria for the past two years stands at over 28%, and it has impacted every household in Bulgaria. Against the backdrop of this figure, the trade unions in the country are demanding that all people, whose salaries..

28.03.23 11:10 |
Plamen Dimitrov

Trade unions call for 10% wage rise in budget sector

The largest trade union in Bulgaria, CITUB, has called for a 10% wage rise in the budget sector from July 1, 2023 , in order to compensate for projected inflation. The president of the trade union, Plamen Dimitrov, commented that..

27.03.23 13:38 |

Food prices in Bulgaria continue to rise

The wholesale prices of food have risen in the past week as well, according to the State Commission for Commodity Exchanges and Markets. Greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, oranges, rice, cow's cheese, chicken meat, flour are becoming more..

05.03.23 18:05 |

Trade unions insist that Bulgaria’s coal-fired power stations continue operating until 2038

The two largest trade unions in Bulgaria, the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB) and the Confederation of Labor "Podkrepa" are to stage a protest today in front of the National Assembly building. The two labor unions are to..

12.01.23 05:05 |

27% of Bulgarians have difficulties paying their utility bills

27% of Bulgarians have difficulties paying their utility bills or report being behind their utility bills, a survey of Eurofound named “The cost-of-living crisis and energy poverty in the EU” show, Bulgaria’s biggest trade union, the Confederation of..

16.11.22 11:52 |

Caretaker cabinet to submit draft budget for 2023 if MPs reach a consensus on a baseline budget

The caretaker cabinet will submit a draft budget for 2023, if the MPs reach a preliminary consensus on a baseline budget, President Rumen Radev said at a meeting with the President of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria..

11.11.22 16:24 |

Trade unions stage large-scale protest in Sofia

“There is a need to raise people’s incomes, because their cost of living has increased. End of story!”, contends Dimitar Manolov, President of the Confederation of Labor “Podkrepa”. Bulgaria’s two largest trade unions - the Confederation of Labor..

11.11.22 14:56 |
Plamen Dimitrov

Trade unions: Inflation rate feels like 45%

According to The Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria (CITUB), the real inflation in the small consumer basket for the country is 45%.  "A year ago, a litre or a kilo of the 20 goods and services we purchase every day - bread, milk,..

30.10.22 16:58 |
Maritsa Iztok 2 TPP

Bulgaria's largest coal-fired power plant announces readiness for strike action

Bulgaria's largest trade union, the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB), said workers at the Maritsa Iztok 2 coal-fired power plant are ready to strike.   The trade union organization of the power plant has filed a strike..

06.10.22 14:30 |

Personal inflation rate among working Bulgarians reaches 50%

"There is social tension in all sectors. People are getting poorer every day and if this process is not curbed, social tension will turn into a bomb," Todor Kapitanov, vice president of the largest national trade union - CITUB, has..

26.09.22 10:50 |
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