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Boat with illegal immigrants intercepted in the Black Sea

38 people – 22 men, 8 women, 8 children and one baby, claiming to be Syrian and Afghan, have been rescued by border police in the stormy sea off Cape Shabla.  Their boar was sailing towards Romania in the dark, before it was intercepted by..

22.09.22 17:41 |

July Morning – the Bulgarian Black Sea coast tradition continues

Welcoming the first morning of July on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast to the sounds of music has become an established tradition full of positive feelings, which is observed and passed down to new generations. The celebration is influenced by the..

30.06.22 14:55 |

July Morning 2020 moves from Kamen Bryag to Cape Shabla

The traditional July Morning fest organized to meet the first sun rays on the first day of July near Kamen Bryag will not be held this year, Kavarna Municipality has announced. The local authorities called on all who are planning to meet the sun rise..

25.06.20 16:51 |

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