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Decision to integrate Bulgaria into Schengen by air and sea from 31 March now in force

The decision of the Council of the European Union of 30 December 2023 to integrate Bulgaria and Romania into Schengen by air and sea from 31 March 2024 has been published in the Official Journal of the EU . This means that it has officially entered into..

04.01.24 15:39 |

Council of the EU agrees to remove air and maritime internal border controls with Bulgaria and Romania

Late last night, the Council of the European Union confirmed that Bulgaria and Romania will join the Schengen area, starting with air and sea borders. The Commission welcomed the unanimous decision by the Council to welcome Romania and Bulgaria into..

31.12.23 09:24 |
Asena Serbezova

Bulgarian Minister of Health Asena Serbezova to attend the Council of Ministers meeting on Social Affairs and Health

Health Minister Asena Serbezova will take part in the regular meeting of the Council of the European Union on Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs (Health part) in Brussels o n March 29 .  On the agenda of the meeting are t he..

28.03.22 15:44 |
Minister Bujar Osmani

Bujar Osmani: Sofia-Skopje motorway should be named after Gotse Delchev

The best way to pay homage to Gotse Delchev is to build the Sofia-Skopje motorway and name it after the revolutionary , North Macedonia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani said. Asked whether North Macedonia’s authorities knew about Bulgaria’s..

17.09.20 18:05 |

Bulgaria sends memorandum to the Council on North Macedonia

Bulgaria has sent an explanatory memorandum to the Council of the European Union containing a framework position on the accession of North Macedonia to the Union , BNR informs. The document is supported by all political parties represented at the..

17.09.20 14:40 |
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