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Икона на Св. апостол Тома

The Sunday after Easter is named after Thomas the Apostle

The first Sunday after Easter is associated with one of the twelve disciples of Christ, St. Thomas the Apostle. The day is also called the Sunday of St. Thomas (Tomina Nedelya). The saint, commonly known as "Doubting Thomas", initially did not..

23.04.23 06:35 |

Culinary competition and egg fight recall of Easter traditions in western Bulgaria

In the midst of Easter, the municipality of Radomir organized the traditional competition for children "The Hardest Easter Egg" and the culinary competition "Red, Red Easter". Before lunch, in the park of the youth cultural and..

17.04.23 13:45 |

Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter Monday

Today is Easter Monday, the first day of the Bright Week. Like the Holy Week, this one is also connected with the greatest event for Christians - Christ's Resurrection. It is called Bright Week or Renewal Week because of the light..

17.04.23 10:20 |

The town of Vratsa celebrates with a 100-meter long sweet kozunak Easter bread  

The residents of the northwestern town of Vratsa celebrate Easter in the festively decorated central square , where everyone can get a piece of a 100-meter long kozunak Easter bread and enjoy a folklore concert. Earlier, many attended the evening..

16.04.23 13:46 |
Bulgarian President Radev attends the Easter service at St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral on Saturday, April 15, 2023.

Only united can we see a strong and prosperous Bulgaria, said President Radev in his Easter greetings

"The Resurrection gives hope and strengthens faith in a better tomorrow", President Rumen Radev said in a message of greetings published on his official Facebook profile early Sunday morning. He wished the brightness of the great Christian feast..

16.04.23 12:08 |

Orthodox Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Christ 

Christ is Risen! With these joyful words Orthodox Christians greeted each other at midnight on the occasion of Christ's Resurrection. The faithful across the country welcomed Easter in the temples, and in the capital many attended the festive Easter..

16.04.23 09:56 |
Възстановка на играта на яйца

Bessarabian ethnographer Galina Manolova revives an Easter egg game long lost in time

When Galina Manolova, a sixth-generation Bulgarian born in the village of Cairaclia, Moldova, published her account of an Easter egg game from her childhood , she never imagined the huge response it would provoke among Bulgarians around the..

16.04.23 06:50 |

Resurrection of Christ - the most inspiring occasion for joy

"If Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile," St. Paul said in his First Epistle to the Corinthians. Christ's Incarnation and the culmination of His redemptive work - His death and His Resurrection - is the heart of Christian..

16.04.23 06:05 |
Patriarch Neophyte

Patriarch Neophyte: Our inability to live in lasting peace threatens to deprive us of the assurance in the very meaning of life

Bulgarian Patriarch Neophyte will conduct tonight’s Easter divine liturgy at the St. Alexander Nevski cathedral. Earlier, the Bulgarian Patriarchate published the Paschal epistle which he will read out from the pulpit.   Divine liturgy..

15.04.23 16:56 |

Ukrainian Easter festival takes place in Sofia

A Ukrainian  Easter Festival is taking place on the territory of TechPark Sofia until 8 PM tonight. “We want to bring Ukrainian traditions to Bulgarians, and to thank the Bulgarian state and all Bulgarians who have been helping us for over a..

15.04.23 13:48 |
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