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Bulgaria’s caretaker Minister of Culture Velislav Minekov

Bulgaria ready to help Ukraine preserve its cultural heritage

Bulgaria’s caretaker Minister of Culture Velislav Minekov has proposed to his Ukrainian counterpart Oleksandr Tkachenko that a specialised commission be set up to assess the damage to the Ukrainian  cultural heritage . “We are talking about more..

29.11.22 17:37 |
Taraclia State University in Moldova

Education policy towards Bulgarian communities abroad, 2016

The National Assembly Committee on Policies towards Bulgarians Living Abroad recently put to discussion several important issues: the education policy towards Bulgarian communities abroad in 2016, the increased number of openings at Bulgarian..

09.12.16 12:58 |

Bulgaria will continue to support schools abroad

The Bulgarian state will continue to provide support to Bulgarian schools abroad, Minister of Education Meglena Kuneva has said. She has met with the managements of the Bulgarian School "Patriarch Cyrill" in Tel Aviv and the Bulgarian Cultural and..

25.09.16 17:40 |

UNICEF and Bulgarian Ministry of Education to work together for inclusion of children with special needs

A memorandum of understanding and cooperation between the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science and the UN Children's Fund has been signed by Minister Meglena Kuneva and UNICEF Representative for Bulgaria María Jesús Conde. The two..

06.04.16 18:04 |

Less than half of young graduates work in positions requiring higher education

Nearly 1/4 of young people who graduated from a university in Bulgaria in the past 5 years do not pay social insurance taxes in this country. The average income of graduates is 473 euros a month and unemployment rate is below 4 percent, according..

09.11.15 15:12 |
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