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33.6% of the population of Bulgaria at risk of poverty and social exclusion: Eurostat

Bulgaria and Romania are the two countries of the European union with the highest share of people at risk of poverty and social exclusion, according to Eurostat data.  More than one-quarter of their population – alongside Greece and Spain – are at..

16.10.21 17:28 |

Bulgaria is the EU member state with the best male/female ratio of employees in the ICT sector

In 2020, the number of specialists employed at Bulgaria's ICT sector increased by 2,100, indicate data of Eurostat. Thus, the number of Bulgarians working in the ICT field rose to 103,300, or 3.2% of all people employed in Bulgaria, informs Capital..

18.07.21 14:58 |

The hybrid work model is growing more and more relevant in Bulgaria

The Covid-19 pandemic seems to be receding in Bulgaria and people have started going back to the offices. But does that spell the end of the home office? Very doubtful, experts say. “Quite the opposite, a hybrid work model is being considered with..

01.07.21 11:23 |

Bulgaria and Romania with highest number of road accident fatalities in EU: Eurostat

According to Eurostat data published today the number of road accident fatalities in the EU has gone down by 2.5% in 2019 compared to the previous year. Out of the total number of fatalities (22 800 persons were killed in road accidents in..

24.06.21 14:36 |

Urban and rural population in Bulgaria will decline: Eurostat

Bulgaria is among the 9 countries of the EU where the population in rural and in urban areas is expected to decline by 2050, Eurostat data show. The urban population of Bulgaria is expected to shrink by 1.4% by 2050, the shrinkage being most..

20.05.21 14:09 |

According to Eurostat 1,071,590 Bulgarians have emigrated to different European countries

The largest number of Bulgarians in Europe at the beginning of January, 2020 lived in Germany – 342 , 000 , which is equal to the population of the city of Plovdiv. 259 ,  000 lived in Great Britain or 50,000 more than the entire population..

14.04.21 10:37 |

The pandemic has shortened life expectancy of Bulgarians: Eurostat

Life expectancy in Bulgaria has fallen by -1.5 years to 73.6 years in the pandemic year 2020 , Eurostat data show, quoted by bTV.  For comparison, in 2019 life expectancy in Bulgaria was 75.1 years.  According to statistics, negative trends are..

07.04.21 18:14 |

Bulgaria with the highest percentage in Europe of children under 3 being cared for by their parents: Eurostat

Almost 70% of children under the age of three in Bulgaria are cared for by their parents at home, indicate Eurostat data for 2019. This is the highest percentage in Europe, the European average being 47%. This can, to some extent be explained..

31.03.21 13:31 |

Only 1% of people living in Bulgaria are non-nationals: Eurostat

Bulgaria is not an attractive place for citizens of EU countries to live and work, or for foreigners from third countries. Only 1% of the population of Bulgaria are citizens of other countries, placing Bulgaria in third position, after Poland and..

26.03.21 15:35 |

Bulgaria with widest income gap in EU: Eurostat

Bulgaria is top of the list in income distribution inequality in the EU, with a more than eight-fold gap between the incomes of the poorest and the richest people in the country, indicate latest Eurostat data for 2020. Lyuboslav Kostov,..

18.03.21 11:43 |
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