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Nearly one-fifth of young Bulgarians are materially and socially deprived

Bulgaria ranks second in the European Union in terms of the number of young people who are severely materially and socially deprived. According to Eurostat data, almost 19% of Bulgarians aged 15 to 29 are severely materially and socially deprived ...

23.02.24 14:44 |

Eurostat: Bulgaria sees the biggest drop in cereal prices in the EU

The European statistics office Eurostat recorded a fall in EU agricultural prices , both for output and for non-investment resources, in the third quarter of 2023.  The fall follows strong price growth in the previous two years.  The sharpest..

20.12.23 13:49 |

Eurostat: Bulgarians are the least happy people in the EU 

Bulgarians were the unhappiest nation in the European Union in 2022, according to the new EU Happiness Index. The rating scale used in the Eurostat survey ranges from 0, indicating absolute dissatisfaction with life, to 10, indicating that things..

09.12.23 18:26 |

Eurostat: Bulgaria ranks second in the EU in house price growth

House prices in the European Union increased by 0.3% in the second quarter , compared to the first quarter of 2023. In Bulgaria over the same period, house prices rose by 4.3% compared to the first quarter, European statistics agency Eurostat, published..

03.10.23 16:22 |

1 in 5 Bulgarians unable to keep their home adequately warm: Eurostat

The highest shares of people unable to keep their home adequately warm in the EU in 2022 were registered in Bulgaria , 22.5%, indicate latest Eurostat data for 2022. In contrast, Finland reported the lowest shares - 1.4%. On average,..

11.09.23 13:58 |

Eurostat: Bulgarians leave parental home at the age of 30

Young Bulgarians leave their parents' home at the age of 30 on average. This is according to data published today by the European statistical agency Eurostat for 2022. The average age of Bulgarian men on this indicator is 32.3 years and of women - 28.2..

04.09.23 15:04 |

Bulgaria’s employment rate increase is highest in the EU: Eurostat

The highest increases in the employment rate during the first quarter of 2023, compared to the last quarter of last year, were recorded in Bulgaria - by 2.8 percentage points, with the employment rate of people aged 20 to 64 at a little over 78%,..

16.06.23 14:31 |

One in four Bulgarians is at risk of having a stroke

The European Stroke Organisation (ESO) declares 9 May European Stroke Awareness Day . This date marks the anniversary of the adoption of the European Stroke Plan which will run until 2030. In Europe, Bulgaria leads the negative statistics on..

09.05.23 14:01 |

Eurostat: Bulgaria has the lowest hourly wage in the EU

In 2022, Bulgaria had the second-highest increase in hourly wages among the EU members outside the Euro area, data of Eurostat show. In Bulgaria hourly wages increased with 15.5% year-on-year. Only Hungary reported a higher increase - 16.4%. The..

20.04.23 18:37 |

Egg prices in Bulgaria increase by 72% year-on-year

Bulgaria ranks fourth in the EU in terms of inflation rate for eggs. According to Eurostat, in January 2023 egg prices in Bulgaria increased by 72% compared to January 2022. Data for January 2023 show that the price of eggs in the EU  was, on..

10.03.23 17:11 |
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