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Bulgaria at the bottom of the list of EU countries in ability to make ends meet

In the second quarter of 2022 (April-June), the share of the population that could make ends meet easily or very easily in Bulgaria was a mere 3.6%, Eurostat data released today show. At the other end of the scale is Finland, where 40.5% of the..

28.11.22 14:20 |

Almost half of young people in Bulgaria lack basic secondary school skills

47.9% of young people in this country, aged 15 to 24, or over 315,000 lack basic secondary school skills, show data of the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment ( PIS A). Another 44.5% in the same age bracket, or more than..

21.07.22 19:39 |

Bulgaria with second highest increase in housing transactions within EU for 2021

The number of housing transactions has gone up in 2021, compared to 2020, in most countries members of the EU for which data is available, Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union reports. The highest increases were recorded in..

13.07.22 14:48 |

Producer prices in the EU increased by 36%, in Bulgaria - by 38%

Industrial producer prices in the EU rose by 0.8% in May compared to April 2022, and in Bulgaria - by 0.1% for the same monthly period, the European statistics agency Eurostat reported, cited by BTA.  Compared to the previous year, producer prices..

04.07.22 15:51 |

European Statistics Champions: We did our best to present Bulgaria in a comprehensive manner

Bulgarian students have had numerous successes in world Olympiads in mathematics, informatics, linguistics, etc. Recently, Bulgaria earned a gold medal at the European Statistics Competition. The competition for high school students is organized by the..

27.06.22 16:08 |

Bulgarian secondary school students win first prize at European Statistics Competition

More than 17,000 school-goers from 19 countries took part in this year’s competition organized by the European Union’s statistical office Eurostat. Each team had the assignment of shooting a 2-minute video, presenting their conclusions, based on..

22.06.22 10:26 |

Bulgaria is among the 5 countries with the highest inflation in the EU

In May, inflation in the European Union set a new record and reached 8.8 percent on an annual basis , Eurostat reported, quoted by BTA.   In the Eurozone alone, inflation is 8.1 percent.   As a result of the crisis in Ukraine, in 14 EU countries,..

17.06.22 19:06 |

Bulgaria bottom of the list of EU countries in Internet sales: Eurostat

Internet sales of goods and services in the EU during Covid-19 have gone up. The share of consumers who have ordered goods or services online is highest in the Netherlands - 94%, followed by Denmark - 92%. At 44% and 42% respectively, Romania..

02.02.22 15:19 |

Bulgaria overachieves 2020 renewable energy target

In 2020, renewable energy accounted for 23.3% of Bulgaria’s energy mix, Eurostat data published on January 19 indicate. At EU level, the share of gross final energy consumption from renewable sources reached 22% in 2020.  Bulgaria ranks after..

19.01.22 17:39 |

Eurostat: Bulgaria with the highest mortality rate in the EU in November 2021

The number of deaths in Bulgaria in November is almost twice as high as before the pandemic. This was announced by the European statistical agency Eurostat, quoted by Dnevnik daily. Eurostat publishes data on excess mortality, according to which it was..

14.01.22 19:08 |

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