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Mediana agency: ITN ahead of GERB by 3%

According to a study by the Mediana agency conducted with its own funds, the next parliament will consist of 7 political forces. 24% of the voters would vote for ITN party, the former rulers from GERB would be second with 21.4% , BSP for Bulgaria..

16.06.21 16:57 |
Sociologist Boryana Dimitrova

About 30 percent of Bulgarians approve the work of the caretaker cabinet

The caretaker government started its work with high expectations - to show what can be done, albeit for a limited period, after strong polarization and confrontation in Bulgarian society, said to BNT the sociologist Boryana Dimitrova from Alpha Research..

30.05.21 10:20 |
Anton Kutev, spokesman of the caretaker cabinet

Cabinet spokesman: New revelations about GERB government are forthcoming

The spokesman of the caretaker government ,Anton Kutev,, has announced in an interview for BNT that new revelations about the GERB government will be made next week . Following the case of the Bulgarian Development Bank, which has granted loans of..

29.05.21 12:04 |

Elections poll: GERB - 23.8%, ITN - 20.9, BSP - 18%

The results of the elections on July 11 will repeat the results of the April 4 elections. The new parliament will include the same 6 parties as in the 45th National Assembly, shows a study by the Centre for Analysis and Marketing. GERB remains the..

26.05.21 15:06 |
Daniel Mitov, deputy chairman of GERB party

GERB: The attacks against the secret services are because of Russian spies scandal

The caretaker government is turning into a pre-election headquarters of President Rumen Radev and aims at his re-election. This was said at a briefing by the deputy chairman of the GERB party, Daniel Mitov. "President Radev and Interior Minister..

22.05.21 12:11 |
Caretaker PM Stefan Yanev

Accusations and counter-accusations in politicians' wiretapping scandal in Bulgaria

Bulgaria's caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev told BNT that there was wiretapping of opposition politicians. The information is currently being verified. "When we get acquainted with the result, we will have concrete rhetoric," Yanev said. The..

21.05.21 19:15 |

Pre-election changes in GERB leadership

At today's national meeting of GERB, two months before the early parliamentary elections, party leader Boyko Borisov released two of his current deputies - the mayors of Sofia and Burgas Yordanka Fandakova and Dimitar Nikolov. Their places are..

11.05.21 16:03 |
Krassimir Tsipov

GERB refuses to chair the new Central Election Commission

The GERB party will withdraw its proposal for Krassimir Tsipov to become chairman of the new Central Election Commission. This was announced by the leader of GERB and outgoing Prime Minister Boyko Borissov after convening the Executive Committee of the..

06.05.21 14:07 |

GERB activists hold protest at Alepu beach

Chanting the slogan "Maya out!" allies and representatives of GERB political party in Primorsko and Burgas, including the mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov, gathered at the controversial construction of a retaining wall in the Aleppu area on the Black Sea..

04.05.21 16:38 |

Moratorium on government decisions challenged before Constitutional Court

The GERB party has appealed to the Constitutional Court over the moratorium imposed by the parliament on granting of concessions, sale of state and municipal hospitals and appointments in the state administration by the outgoing..

26.04.21 11:11 |
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