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Iva Miteva

There Is Such a People will try to form a government if it is given a mandate: Iva Miteva

“If the third mandate for the formation of a government is handed to There Is Such a People (ITN), it would be acting responsibly to try,” MP from There Is Such a People Iva Miteva said for the BNR. PM Kiril Petkov to submit the..

25.06.22 14:47 |

Pro-government demonstration takes place near Bulgaria’s National Assembly

A pro-government demonstration is taking place on "Alexander Nevsky" square near the Bulgarian National Assembly.  "Future Against Past" reads a poster held by demonstrators. People are wearing Bulgarian flags and Ukrainian symbols...

21.06.22 19:19 |
Boyko Borissov

Boyko Borissov: GERB has no ambition to get involved in any kind of government

"The resignation of the cabinet is the best amendment of the state budget" , the leader of  GERB party  Boyko Borissov said in the town of Veliko Tarnovo. Borissov and MPs from the Parliamentary group of GERB met with party members and supporters from..

12.06.22 15:24 |
Parvan Simeonov

Parvan Simeonov: If Bulgarians are humiliated over North Macedonia that would be the last straw for the public’s patience

The public in Bulgaria do not want elections because they do not see an alternative, so they are still giving the current government a chance. “The government has a chance to remain in power, and all those predicting its fall are getting ahead of..

19.05.22 11:02 |
Andrey Gyurov

Parties announce their priorities for the new Parliamentary session

"We will continue to make efforts to make the budget theft -proof and help citizens and businesses address the terrible crisis," said Andrei Gyurov, Chairman of Parliamentary group of “We Continue the Change”, with regard to their..

04.05.22 11:25 |
Boyko Borissov

GERB party to support the government in vote on military aid to Ukraine

GERB party will support the government in the vote to provide military aid to Ukraine, the party’s leader Boyko Borissov said at a press conference. He added that if the government decides to break away from intermediaries and book fuel supplies..

29.04.22 15:20 |
Boyko Borissov

Opposition GERB party will not support any decision or policy of Kiril Petkov’s government

“No decision or policy by the government of Kiril Petkov will be supported by GERB party,” GERB leader and former PM Boyko Borissov stated in Dobrich. According to him, the differences over North Macedonia between PM Kiril Petkov and Foreign..

16.04.22 15:52 |
Hristo Ivanov, Democraic Bulgaria co-chair

Ruling coalition seeks support from the opposition for judicial reform

Hristo Ivanov, co-chair of Democratic Bulgaria, which is part of the ruling coalition, called on the opposition in parliament to support the judicial reform which can be attained by way of constitutional changes.  Addressing parliament, Hristo Ivanov..

15.04.22 11:25 |

Sofia Regional Court: Boyko Borissov’s detention is illegal

The Sofia Regional Court ruled that the detention of the former Bulgarian Premier Boyko Borissov was illegal. The court ruling may be appealed against. After the court ruling, the opposition GERB-SDS demanded the resignation of Prime Minister..

14.04.22 19:43 |

Parliament votes to close Specialized Prosecutor’s Office at first reading

Parliament has approved, at first reading, the amendments to the Judicial System Act regarding the closure of the specialized lawcourts and prosecutor’s office, by 134 votes “for”. The only votes against were those of the MPs from the opposition..

23.03.22 14:44 |

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