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Boyko Borissov calls for an expert cabinet dominated by GERB

The leader of the GERB party, which is the winner of the elections for National Assembly, Boyko Borisov, has warned that this is not the time for ultimatums and anger. "It's time for the state," he said at his first press conference..

13.06.24 13:43 |
Boyko Borissov

GERB: We cannot form government with DPS alone, PP-DB cannot do it with GERB and DPS

"No one achieves success without acknowledging the help of others. We confidently acknowledge this help with gratitude. Thanks everyone who supported us!". This is what GERB leader Boyko Borissov wrote on his profile after the end of..

09.06.24 23:18 |
Boyko Borissov

GERB party would work with PP and DB, but only if it is in command

After the elections, GERB will not negotiate for a new government with the co-chairmen of "We Continue the Change" Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev, as well as with the former prime minister Nikolay Denkov, but would accept some of the..

28.04.24 15:02 |

Boyko Borissov: PP-DB are in coalition with BSP and Vazrazhdane

''PP-DB are hypocrites. They are in a new coalition with Vazrazhdane and the Bulgarian Socialist Party. They make things much easier for me because there won't be any questions about the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, We Continue the Change,..

25.04.24 11:12 |
Mariya Gabriel

Mariya Gabriel: Bulgaria's Schengen accession by land remains key topic

It is very important to maintain good manners and not to cross boundaries beyond which it would make the conversation impossible outgoing Deputy Prime Minister Mariya Gabriel said with regard to the future negotiations between GERB and We Continue the..

08.04.24 11:42 |
Kiril Petkov

Kiril Petkov: PP-DB will not govern with GERB while Delyan Peevski is in the party background

"We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" (PP-DB) will not enter into a coalition with GERB, while the leader of MRF Delyan Peevski manages this party. This was stated to bTV by the co-chairman of the PP party Kiril Petkov, emphasizing that the..

06.04.24 09:40 |
PP/DB co-chairman Kiril Petkov

PP/DB co-chair Kiril Petkov: The agreement is the reason why the negotiations fell through

The leaders of We Continue the Change/Democratic Bulgaria (PP/DB) have not yet made any official comment after the decision by Mariya Gabriel, nominated for prime minister by GERB party, to officially withdraw the government-forming mandate she was..

25.03.24 14:43 |
GERB MP Raya Nazaryan

GERB gives We continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria time to show common sense

"We know what the risks are and that's why we are giving  We continue the Change  - D emocratic B ulgaria time to show common sense, said GERB MP Raya Nazaryan who is part of the GERB negotiating team for signing an agreement on a joint..

20.03.24 18:04 |
Mariya Gabriel

The cabinet rotation is called into question

"We have a fundamental difference in terms of GERB being accepted as an equal partner, outgoing Deputy Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mariya Gabriel said at a briefing on Sunday evening. ‘’We proposed to vote on the composition of the..

18.03.24 10:02 |

President Rumen Radev starts consultations with parliamentary parties

The two-day consultations with the president with the political forces represented in the Bulgarian parliament have started. On March 11, the Bulgarian head of state spoke with GERB-SDS, "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" (PP-DB) and MRF...

11.03.24 10:24 |
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