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Ambassador Angelov in Skopje

Wreaths and flowers laid in front of Gotse Delchev's sarcophagus in Skopje

Representatives of the Bulgarian Embassy in North Macedonia, the Consulate General in Bitola, the Bulgarian Cultural and Information Center in Skopje and Macedonian Bulgarians laid wreaths and flowers in front of the sarcophagus of..

04.02.24 17:14 |

Bulgaria honors 152nd birth anniversary of Gotse Delchev

The 152nd anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest Bulgarian revolutionaries Gotse Delchev was celebrated with a solemn concert and a discussion in Sofia. "After two daughters, a son was born and he was named Georgi. To this..

04.02.24 15:16 |

Koprivlen - life in a Bulgarian village at the foot of Pirin Mountain

After the Balkan War and the Inter-Allied War, many refugees from Aegean Macedonia left their native places and headed for free Bulgaria. A large part settled in the region of Gotse Delchev, as one of the villages with such settlers is Koprivlen, nestled..

22.11.23 05:30 |

Helicopter went missing, pilot took off at 7:40 AM

A private agricultural helicopter went missing near the village of Garmen, near the town of Gotse Delchev. So far there is no connection with the pilot. The machine was hired by the Southwestern State Forestry Enterprise to spray the pine forests..

22.09.23 16:58 |
President Rumen Radev

Bulgaria's President calls on Skopje to include the Bulgarians in the Macedonian constitution

If today's North Macedonia claims to follow the covenants of Gotse Delchev, why doesn't it find the strength to include in its constitution his compatriots, the Bulgarians, in the name of whom he sacrificed his life? This is what President Rumen Radev..

05.05.23 09:23 |

Parties read declarations in parliament on 120th anniversary of Gotse Delchev’s death

We call for an immediate end to the politically motivated trials against the leaders of the Macedonian Bulgarians who seek equality and a dignified place among the rest of the citizens of North Macedonia, Elisaveta Belobradova said in..

04.05.23 11:33 |

Dance groups from the Balkans mark International Dance Day in Gotse Delchev

Dance formations from Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Turkey and Greece will be taking part in the 14 th edition of the International Dance Day in the town of Gotse Delchev. The dance programme begins this afternoon at 5 PM with the traditional..

29.04.23 10:30 |

Brussels closely monitors Bulgarian-Macedonian relations

The European Commission has refused to comment on the tensions between Bulgaria and North Macedonia since 4 February. However, officials told BNT that the Commission was closely monitoring the development of relations between the two countries and..

07.02.23 14:01 |

Bulgarian diplomacy finds it increasingly difficult to trust Skopje

On Saturday, February 4, Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia ‎celebrated 151 years since the birth of Gotse Delchev in a situation of strained ‎relations between the two countries . According to information from the ‎Bulgarian Ministry of the..

06.02.23 15:52 |
Deve Bair border crossing between Bulgaria and North Macedonia

Bulgaria sends 3 power generators to help North Macedonia

North Macedonia must understand that the path to Europe and good neighborly relations is through actions, not through words. Violence and provocations beget violence and provocations, and this vicious circle must be broken, said Bulgaria's caretaker..

06.02.23 13:50 |
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