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Nature Fest in Sofia - a celebration that draws attention to urban ecology

"Autumn is a time for reaping what has been sown, for rejoicing in what has been achieved, for reflecting. Autumn is that beautiful moment when nature puts on its most spectacular show - the last one before sinking into sleep. This autumn we celebrate..

30.09.23 08:40 |

Poachers kill Bulgaria's only black vulture

One of the rarest birds in Bulgaria, the black vulture named Ultron, was found shot dead by poachers in the area of ​​Kardzhali (Southern Bulgaria), Green Balkans reported. It was  donated to Bulgaria by Belgian zoo Planckendael. The Green Balkans..

25.05.20 17:32 |

Volunteers build artificial nests for saker falcons

Six artificial nests for saker falcons have been built by volunteers under the project “Bringing saker falcons back to Bulgaria”. The project is financed by the Mohamed Bin Zayed Raptor Conservation Fund, the Green Balkans’ Wildlife Rescue..

20.05.20 15:15 |

First storks hatched in Belozem

Video surveillance captured a special moment in the life of storks in the village of Belozem - the hatching of the first small storks this year. The modern video system is located on the roof of the local community center "Prosveta 1909". In this..

18.05.20 08:31 |

Wild colony of lesser kestrel settles in Bulgaria after more than 50 years of absence

The lesser kestrel (Falco naumanni)has returned to Bulgaria at a difficult time, the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Team has reported. Strictly observing the current state of emergency in Bulgaria, environmentalists are taking care of the rare..

29.03.20 10:00 |

Zvinitsa – one of Bulgaria’s stork villages

There is a village in the Eastern Rhodopes (southern Bulgaria), which locals claim is the village with the biggest number of storks in this country. Whether this is so has not been conclusively proven, but the first representatives of the..

16.03.20 13:24 |