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If no government is formed, there will be new elections in March at the earliest: President Radev

The consultations under President Rumen Radev with the parties represented in the parliament to form a government turned into a dispute over the rearming of the Bulgarian army during the meeting between the president and the "Democratic Bulgaria"..

21.11.22 12:22 |

Security and economic stability are priorities of the minor parties in the National Assembly

"The elections have once again resulted in a similar parliamentary configuration, with voters not having empowered anyone to form a single-party government," Mustafa Karadayi, the leader of the MRF, said from the parliamentary rostrum. In his..

19.10.22 14:32 |
Hristo Ivanov

Hristo Ivanov: "Democratic Bulgaria" will not comment before the final results

We will wait for the final results to come tomorrow before "Democratic Bulgaria" comment on the election results, the co-chairman of the coalition Hristo Ivanov wrote on his Facebook profile.  However, Ivanov voiced his regret that an even more..

03.10.22 00:01 |
Hristo Ivanov

Democratic Bulgaria: Early elections would throw Bulgaria into chaos

Bulgaria is doomed to chaos if we have early elections once again, Hristo Ivanov, chairman of the "Democratic Bulgaria" parliamentary group has told the BNR. According to him, there are urgent tasks that need to be solved such as..

24.07.22 13:10 |
Slavi Trifonov

ITN walks out of negotiations to form government

There is such a p eople (ITN) leaves the negotiations for a new government with the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) mandate during the current term of the National Assembly. Our party is ready for new elections, said its leader Slavi Trifonov in..

22.07.22 21:08 |

BSP-Democratic Bulgaria talks: chances for a new cabinet growing

The possibility of forming a new government is becoming more and more likely, said the co-chairman of Democratic Bulgaria Hristo Ivanov after the negotiations with the Bulgarian Socialist Party, holder of the third and last mandate for the..

21.07.22 16:15 |

Presidential consultations: We must make efforts to calm the public, representatives of "Democratic Bulgaria" say

The third government-forming mandate should be used to calm the public, focus on people's problems and their solution and restore a stable parliamentary majority , representatives of “Democratic Bulgaria” said during the consultations with President..

15.07.22 16:59 |
Hristo Ivanov

"Democratic Bulgaria" will participate in a possible new cabinet with its full capacity

"Democratic Bulgaria" shares the understanding that the new government must embark on a program that sets priorities, said party co-chairman Hristo Ivanov after the negotiations with "We Continue the Change" to form a cabinet.  Among the topics that..

02.07.22 17:04 |
Toshko Yordanov

There is Such a People will negotiate a new cabinet, but without the outgoing PM and finance minister

There is Such a People - a former partner in the governing coalition - will participate in negotiations to form a new cabinet with the mandate of "We Continue the Change" if Prime Minister Kiril Petkov and Finance Minister Assen Vassilev are not..

30.06.22 18:52 |
Dergachi, Northwest of Kharkiv, Ukraine, 23 April, 2022

Formations from ruling coalition to discuss sending military aid to Ukraine

The leaders of the four formations from the ruling coalition have decided to hold a meeting, even though Hristo Ivanov, co-chair of one of the coalition parties – Democratic Bulgaria – declared he was revoking the invitation for such a meeting. His..

26.04.22 09:26 |

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