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Hristo Ivanov

Hristo Ivanov resigns as leader of ''Yes, Bulgaria!''

Hristo Ivanov announced his resignation as leader of "Yes, Bulgaria!" party and respectively as co-chairman of the "Democratic Bulgaria" coalition, against the backdrop of the results for the national parliament, according to which the PP-DB..

10.06.24 15:10 |

Hristo Ivanov: The President should consult political forces before appointing new ministers

Bulgaria's  President Rumen Radev refuses to apply the texts of the Constitution that define the role of the head of state as a mediator and balancer, the co-chairman of the PP-DB Hristo Ivanov told BNR on the occasion of the case with the possible..

21.04.24 14:57 |
Hristo Ivanov

Hristo Ivanov: Anyone who is not trusted by Delyan Peevski is being removed

We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria Co-chairman Hristo Ivanov commented in parliament on the dismissal of the Deputy Chairman of the State Agency for National Security, Petar Petrov (PP-DB).  According to him, ''anyone who is not trusted by..

12.04.24 16:50 |
Hristo Ivanov

Hristo Ivanov: The Finance Minister's name is ''Minister Eurozone''

''The name of the Minister of Finance at the moment is ''Minister Eurozone’’, Democratic Bulgaria Co-chairman Hristo Ivanov told journalists regarding the position of GERB leader Boyko Borisov that Finance Minister Assen Vassilev should not remain on..

09.03.24 12:54 |
Hristo Ivanov

Prime Minister Denkov will resign on March 6, Democratic Bulgaria leader says

There has been no recent development in the current situation and we expect the counter position of GERB, with whom we share responsibility for governance. This is what the co-chairman of "Democratic Bulgaria" (DB) Hristo Ivanov told..

23.02.24 10:17 |
Hristo Ivanov

DB co-leader Hristo Ivanov: Opposition has no viable alternative to current government

"This government is the only one I can imagine at the moment, it has shown that it produces results," Hristo Ivanov, co-leader of Democratic Bulgaria, told Bulgarian National Radio. According to him, the opposition is unable to come up with an..

17.12.23 16:35 |
Hristo Ivanov

Hristo Ivanov: This government has no alternative

"The ruling construct is complex enough and is loaded with a variety of tensions and overlays, but has no alternative", the co-chairman of  We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria Hristo Ivanov said for the BNR. In his words, the Bulgarian..

19.11.23 13:50 |
President Rumen Radev

Leaders urge people to get out and vote

"The most important thing is that we all vote, that we ensure peace on election day. And that we have confidence that every Bulgarian's vote will be counted correctly," said President Rumen Radev . Vice President Iliana Iotova stated that..

29.10.23 17:18 |
Boyko Borissov

PP-DB and GERB-SDS have agreed on their common governance programme

GERB-SDS and We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria (PP-DB) have agreed on a common governance programme and will sign a governance agreement next week. This was announced by GERB leader Boyko Borissov, and later confirmed by the co-chairman of..

19.07.23 15:17 |

Hristo Ivanov: Bulgaria will not change its position on North Macedonia

No change is being prepared in Bulgaria's position regarding North Macedonia as well as no additional concessions in order to start faster negotiations for membership in the European Union, the co-chairman of "Democratic Bulgaria"..

02.07.23 16:51 |
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