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A message for peace on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast invites reflection

A pigeon with spread wings is the largest sand drawing in the world and it can be seen from bird's eye view on a beach of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, located between Kamchia River and the village of Shkorpilovtsi (about 50 km south..

13.09.23 13:10 |
The Kamchia estuary is now a protected area.

The Kamchia estuary is now a protected area

A new protected area "Kamchia" already covers 129,000 hectares, including 7,500 hectares of marine areas, announced the Ministry of Environment. According to the ministerial order, the territory of the new protected area extends over several..

30.07.22 00:54 |

Environmentalists on protest in Sofia against construction on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast

A protest entitled "Keep Your Hands off Bulgarian nature" has gathered dozens of environmentalists in front of the Council of Ministers in the capital Sofia. The specific reason for the public dissatisfaction is the lifting of the ban on construction in..

10.02.21 11:24 |
Emil Dimitrov

There is no risk of a water crisis on the Black Sea coast: Environment Minister

“There is no risk of a water crisis on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, even if the summer tourist season is a strong one. After the rainfall there is water in Kamchia dam to last a year and a half,” said Environment Minister Emil Dimitrov after..

01.02.21 13:46 |

100 participants join half marathon on Bulgaria's longest beach

Nearly 100 people from all over the country took part in the Kamchia Sands half marathon , the website bgathletic.com reports. The run on the longest beach in Bulgaria was organized by the Razgrad-based club "Green Foot" and was held on Saturday in..

31.08.20 15:57 |
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