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Motorcyclists from Kardzhali donate gifts to children from social centres

On Christmas Day, motorcyclists from Kardzhali, Southern Bulgaria, have decided to give gifts to children from four social centres . They will pass through the streets of the city, and at the head of the procession will be Santa Claus.  Many companies and..

25.12.23 12:01 |

Haki Kan - the boy who beat ill fate with kindness

"I am Haki Kan - a writer, 29 years old from Kardzhali. I do charity work and I write, these are my two main activities. I want to bring inspiration through my words and I want my deeds to be inspirational". This is how our latest report about the..

23.12.23 07:35 |

Kardzhali eager to host the Bulgaria-Hungary Euroqualification

The Arena Arda stadium in the town of Kardzhali is ready to host the European football qualification between the national teams of Bulgaria and Hungary on November 16 , announced Kardzhali mayor Erol Mümün. UEFA is expected to confirm the match after..

14.11.23 10:31 |

Kardzhali is hosting folklore dance festival of amateur clubs

For the 8th time, Kardzhali is hosting the Folklore Festival of amateur folk dance clubs "Perpera".   The forum will gather today on the stage of the theater in Kardzhali more than 420 amateur dancers from all over the country. They will perform..

11.11.23 07:05 |

Bulgaria with its representative at a prestigious music festival in Belgium

Bulgaria has its representative at the prestigious World Folklore Festival, which ‎will be held from August 15 to 19 in the city of Namur, Belgium. Bulgaria’s ‎representative folklore ensemble "Orpheus" at the House of Culture in ‎Kardzhali has a rich..

15.08.23 11:32 |

On Europe Day the radio voice of the Rhodopes celebrates its 7th birthday

The regional radio station of the Bulgarian National Radio in Kardzhali celebrates its 7th birthday today. In Bulgaria, people like to say that the first 7 years are the most important - a person becomes aware of themselves and..

09.05.23 13:11 |
Town of Dzebel in Kardzali District

The tragedy in Turkey and Syria has united Christians and Muslims

Christians and Muslims in Bulgaria's Kardzhali district united in support of the victims of the devastating earthquake in Turkey . Assistance collection points have been opened in all seven municipalities of the district and large villages. They will be..

09.02.23 15:27 |
Mayor of Kardzhali Dr. Hasan Azis and Aynur Qasim - one of the hundreds of persons who donated to the relief efforts.

Kardzhali sends aid to affected people in Turkey

A truck with donations from the Kardzhali region will leave for Edirne tonight for the victims of the devastating earthquake in Turkey.  At one of the donation centres in the city, the flow of people donating food, clothes, shoes and blankets has..

08.02.23 17:25 |

French investment in cylinder production plant creates a hundred jobs in Kardzhali

A new French investment in Bulgaria's Kardzhali for the third consecutive expansion of the Serta Bulgaria company's plant has been opened with a ceremony. The investment totals 7.5 million euros and will create 100 new jobs. " This..

25.01.23 15:26 |

CEC: Highest voter turnout registered in Sofia, lowest - in Kardzhali

Bulgaria's Central Election Commission did not register any serious violations in the elections for the next 48th National Assembly.  As of 4:00 p.m., voter turnout was absolutely identical to that of the elections on November 14 last year - 25.58%...

02.10.22 21:19 |
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