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Queen Elizabeth II has left a memory of wisdom and benevolence, President Rumen Radev said

Meetings with Queen Elizabeth II remain an unforgettable memory of wisdom, benevolence and the amazing way in which she brought the lessons of the past to the challenges of today. This was stated by President Rumen Radev to journalists in London. The..

19.09.22 13:25 |

Sonia Rouve-Ouvalieva on the life and role of Queen Elizabet II

We bring you an interview of BNR's special team reporting now from London with Sonia Rouve-Ouvalieva , the wife of prominent Bulgarian intellectual Petar Ouvaliev  (better known by his adopted artistic name Pierre Rouve ), talking about her..

18.09.22 16:10 |

Bulgarians restore a rose garden in London

In 1972, the Municipality of Sofia donated Bulgarian roses to London. Lawyer Boyko Boev, who works in the UK, went to the neighborhood of Soho in central London to see the roses and found out that they were missing.  It turned out that the..

18.09.22 13:19 |

Meeting in the British Parliament dedicated to Bulgaria's Unification Day

The Day of Bulgaria's Unification was celebrated in the British Parliament on the initiative of Feryal Clark, MP from the Labour Party for the Enfield area, where the largest Bulgarian community in London lives.  The meeting was attended by..

07.09.22 10:42 |

Architect Aya Irinkova makes London an even more beautiful place to live in

“Your success will not be determined by your gender or your ethnicity, but only on the scope of your dreams and your hard work to achieve them.“ This is the message Zaha Hadid(1950-2016), one of the most influential women architects, wrote..

29.07.22 10:34 |

Grigor Dimitrov leaves Wimbledon because of injury

Bulgaria's Grigor Dimitrov, placed under №18 in Wimbledon, could not finish his match from the first round in London against Steve Johnson from the United States. An injury made it necessary for Dimitrov to receive medical help and..

28.06.22 15:27 |

Bulgaria inspires Paulina Vassileva to become municipal councilor in London

Only two weeks ago, a young Bulgarian woman managed to make her name known in British political history and became the first Bulgarian and one of the few foreigners ever to be elected municipal councilor in the country's May 5 local elections..

23.05.22 17:40 |

Bulgarian ambassador to London opposes renaming of Gladstone Park

In a letter to London Mayor Sadiq Khan and the Mayor of Brent, Bulgarian Ambassador to the UK Marin Raykov wrote that William Gladstone's support and drawing the attention of British society to atrocities..

21.04.22 13:49 |

Supporters of Vazrazhdane political party protest in front of Bulgarian embassy in London

Citizens protesting against the "green certificate" and the Covid-19 restrictive measures  gathered in front of the Bulgarian embassy in London on the evening of January 12. The protest was in support of the protests in Sofia.  Tensions rise..

13.01.22 09:29 |
Bulgaria's Embassy to London

Zhana Staleva from Wimbledon: Bulgarians in England have not given up going to the polls

Great Britain is among the places with the biggest number of polling sections opened abroad for the parliamentary and presidential elections in Bulgaria on November 14. The election process in London has been going normally. Voter turnout is good..

14.11.21 19:43 |

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