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Foreign Minister Ivan Kondov comments on the relations between Bulgaria and North Macedonia

At a special briefing on May 10, Bulgaria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivan Kondov commented on the latest developments in the relations between  Bulgaria and  the Republic of North Macedonia.  Minister Kondov recalled that on May 6, Bulgarian MEP..

10.05.23 20:32 |

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs summons North Macedonia’s Ambassador Agneza Popovska

Today, May 9, Bulgaria’s caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivan Kondov summoned the Ambassador of North Macedonia to Bulgaria Agneza Popovska for a meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , the Foreign Ministry said. Minister Kondov expressed..

09.05.23 18:57 |
MEP Andrey Kovatchev

Bosilegrad to host a discussion on the European integration of the Western Balkans

The town of Bosilegrad, Serbia, will host a discussion on t he future of the European Union and the European integration of the Western Balkans. The event is organized by the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency and is part of the Bulgarian Voices for Europe..

07.06.22 05:05 |
MEP Andrey Kovatchev

MEP: Member States are those which can impose travel restrictions amid pandemic

There is still no single European health policy. The EU would benefit from higher added value if it coordinates the member states during the pandemic, MEP Andrey Kovatchev told BNR. Currently, there is no single EU travel form, Andrey Kovatchev..

08.12.20 10:34 |
President Stevo Pendarovski

Stevo Pendarovski does not expect agreement with Bulgaria in coming weeks

In an interview for a local TV channel, North Macedonia’s President Stevo Pendarovski said he did not expect an agreement with Bulgaria in the coming weeks that would unblock his country’s path towards the EU. “Sofia has drastically shifted its..

21.11.20 16:11 |
MEP Andrey Kovatchev

Bulgaria-North Macedonia historical disputes remain unresolved

North Macedonia’s Premier Zoran Zaev always speaks with great optimism and great hope. I hope that he is honest, but to this day, there are almost no results. It is up to Skopje to start negotiations with the EU, Bulgaria’s MEP Andrey Kovatchev told..

11.09.20 14:01 |
MEP Andrey Kovatchev

It is not clear how much Bulgaria would receive from EU to tackle with crisis

Bulgaria needs to invest the money allotted by the EU in the most affected sectors and in the industries of the future. Analyzing the Next Generation EU plan, MEP Andrey Kovatchev told the Bulgarian National Radio that it is not clear yet exactly..

29.05.20 10:05 |
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