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What demands the MPs submitted on the first day of the new 46th National Assembly

On the first work day of the 46 th National Assembly the first bills and applications were submitted to the parliament registry. BSP for Bulgaria submitted a bill concerning senior citizens - for guaranteeing that they have access to health..

21.07.21 15:34 |
Iva Miteva

Iva Miteva from ITN elected National Assembly President once more

A willingness for dialogue and the formation of a new government within two weeks – statements to this effect were made from the rostrum of the 46 th parliament which started its work today. With 137 votes for, one against and 99 abstained,..

21.07.21 12:45 |

President Radev convenes new parliament on 21 July

“The National Assembly will be convened at 9 AM on 21 July. There is a clear constitutional model and we shall follow that model as quickly as possible,” President Rumen Radev said, as he attended the start of harvesting in Prof. Ishirkovo village..

16.07.21 11:14 |

Central Election Commission distributes Parliamentary seats among the political forces

There is Such a People party (ITN), which won the snap Parliamentary election in Bulgaria, will have 65 MPs in the 46 th National Assembly, or 14 MPs more as compared to the previous 45 th National Assembly. The coalition GERB-SDS will be..

15.07.21 16:49 |

With 95% of tally sheets processed, ITN holds 0.2% lead to GERB-SDS

6 parties and coalitions are expected to enter the new 46 th National Assembly of Bulgaria after the early parliamentary elections yesterday, 11 July . According to data of the Central Election Commission, by 13.30 PM on 12 July, 2021, with..

12.07.21 15:13 |

The political picture in Bulgaria after the snap Parliamentary election

The path towards a change in the governance model is clear – said journalist Ivan Garelov in connection with the results of the snap Parliamentary elections in Bulgaria held on July 11. The margin between the political forces, which placed..

12.07.21 14:42 |

Elections for members of parliament held for second time this year

The election day on which Bulgarian citizens are voting for members of the 46 th National Assembly, started at 7 AM and will continue until 8 PM Bulgarian time. 15 parties and 8 coalitions are vying for seats in the parliament of Bulgaria...

11.07.21 07:05 |

Moratorium imposed by 45th National Assembly on concessions is lifted

With the appointment of a caretaker government by President Rumen Radev, the moratorium on concessions, deals and appointments introduced by the 45th National Assembly has also been lifted. The moratorium could have affected the election or..

11.05.21 15:31 |

Scandal over pensions during parliamentary sitting

One of the last sittings of the newly-formed Bulgarian Parliament started with a scandal on Friday morning. For more than an hour, lawmakers failed to agree on a work agenda for the day. The deputies were dismissed during a break after the MPs from the..

07.05.21 12:06 |

Restriction on number of polling stations abroad lifted

The number of polling stations abroad will be unlimited, the parliament has finally voted. After a re-vote that GERB called for, the votes "in favour" were 117, while 107 abstained and 8 were against the change. The amendment was..

29.04.21 14:04 |
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