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Below 40% say they would take part in elections for European and national parliament: social survey

37.4% of Bulgarians say they are going to vote in the election for parliament, if it were held today, and 34.2% – in the election for European Parliament, indicates a Gallup International Balkan representative survey, commissioned by public service TV..

12.04.24 09:18 |

Bulgarian caretaker government has officially sworn in

President Rumen Radev has signed the decree for the appointment of a caretaker government proposed by PM Dimitar Glavchev. The President scheduled the elections for MEPs and early parliamentary elections for June 9, 2024...

09.04.24 09:55 |

Elections for EP and for National Assembly will be on the same date – 9 June

Elections for European Parliament and for the National Assembly of Bulgaria will be held simultaneously in this country on 9 June. President Rumen Radev announced his decision during the consultations with the political forces, after Dimitar..

05.04.24 12:07 |

Mariya Gabriel has officially withdrawn her candidacy for prime minister

Mariya Gabriel has submitted a document to the National Assembly's office that states she will not participate in the parliamentary procedure for the election of Prime Minister and will not propose the structure and composition of..

25.03.24 11:05 |

MPs adopt draft bill for the promotion of scientific research activity

The National Assembly adopted at first reading a bill for the promotion of scientific research and innovation, BTA has reported.  It is related to the implementation of a multi-annual Framework Program for Research and Innovation,..

07.03.24 11:32 |
Nikola Minchev

Nikola Minchev heads ad hoc committee of investigation of the group around Martin Bozhanov

National Assembly Vice-President Nikola Minchev from We Continue the Change/Democratic Bulgaria (PP/DB) was elected to chair the ad hoc committee of inquiry into the facts and circumstances connected with the activities of the group around Martin..

07.02.24 14:38 |

New parliamentary session begins with political declarations

During the first sitting of the National Assembly for 2024 the political parties read out declarations with assessments and expectations for the political season. According to GERB-SDS, the future changes in the country depend on the successful..

11.01.24 11:40 |
Constitutional Court of Bulgaria

Opposition parties refer constitutional amendments to the Constitutional Court

The first sitting of the National Assembly for 2024 is to take place today. “During the new political season, which starts on 11 January, the first legislative acts are connected with the election of constitutional judges from the parliamentary quota..

11.01.24 07:10 |

MPs lift derogation for Russian oil

The National Assembly has voted in first reading to end prematurely the exemption for the import of Russian oil approved by the European Commission. The adopted amendments will ban the import of fuels produced from Russian crude oil from 1 March 2024..

18.12.23 14:10 |

Changes to the Constitution pass first reading in parliament

The National Assembly has adopted the Bill for Amendment and Supplement to the Constitution at first reading. Among the main highlights in it are strengthening the independence of the judiciary through structural reform of the..

08.12.23 15:46 |
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