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Restaurateurs, tour operators in Bulgaria call for state assistance for survival

In an open letter to Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, the Association of Restaurants and the Union of Restaurants in Bulgaria have demanded a meeting with the head of state due to many problems in the restaurant and entertainment industry over the past..

21.02.22 13:27 |

National Revenue Agency to check car lessees

The National Revenue Agency is launching a campaign concerning car lessees, the agency announced on its website. It will make an analysis that will cover the type of leased cars, the amount of lease payments and the lessee ’ s income ...

21.12.21 17:57 |
Rumen Spetsov

Rumen Spetsov neither confirms nor denies that National Revenue Agency is investigating Lukoil for tax evasion

Rumen Spetsov, head of the National Revenue Agency neither confirmed nor denied that the Agency was investigating whether Lukoil is evading taxes in this country.  In an interview for Nova TV he stated that the Agency was investigating a Russian oil..

18.12.21 14:53 |

Bulgaria reports record increase in state revenues

The National Revenue Agency and the National Customs Agency are the main authorities engaged in revenue collection. They collect taxes and excise duties that go to the state budget. The two institutions have reported record-high revenues. The..

14.12.21 12:24 |

General Directorate Combating Organized Crime detains two men over large-scale internet fraud

Bulgaria’s General Directorate Combating Organized Crime detained two men over a large-scale internet fraud. I n less than 2 years, th e two men syphoned off more than EUR 1 million from commercial companies and individuals . The members of..

02.11.21 17:16 |

No building permits have been issued for lots 4 to 9 of Hemus motorway, inspection underway

“No building permits have been issued for lots 4 to 9 of Hemus motorway,” Atanas Ilkov, Deputy Director of the General Directorate National Police said in a comment on the inspection of the construction of Hemus motorway which is underway. No..

29.10.21 13:25 |

National Revenue Agency official apprehended for bribery

The General Directorate Combating Organised Crime apprehended a National Revenue Agency (NRA) official in a store in Sofia for attempted bribery. A few days ago the official made a purchase at the shop. When he was not given a receipt he..

21.09.21 16:18 |
Rumen Spetsov

GERB call on President to dismiss head of Revenue Agency

GERB has already accused former caretaker Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev of hiding the fact that the head of the National Revenue Agency he appointed knew about due taxes of more than 750,000 euros before selling his company..

17.09.21 14:16 |

National Revenue Agency launches inspection of Bulgarian Sports Totalizer

The National Revenue Agency is launching an inspection of the State Enterprise "Bulgarian Sports Totalizer" on suspicion of financial irregularities during the period 2015-2020.  Tax inspectors will check all financial documents and contracts from..

16.09.21 16:25 |

National Revenue Agency launches tax control of fuels trade

The National Revenue Agency is launching total tax control of trade in fuels, the Agency has announced. It will monitor the movement of every litre of fuel to the final sale at filling stations. In the past two weeks, fiscal control teams from..

12.09.21 13:06 |
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