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Rumen Spetsov

National Revenue Agency finds serios violations at border checkpoints

A company which holds tens of millions of Euros in cash has not connected some of its cash registers to the system of the National Revenue Agency (NRA), the E xecutive D irector of the revenue agency Rumen Spetsov announced at a briefing at..

05.06.21 17:34 |

NRA publishes list of companies connected with the persons sanctioned under Global Magnitsky

The National Revenue Agency has published a list of 64 companies connected with Delyan Peevski, Vasil Bozhkov and Ilko Zhelyazkov who were recently sanctioned under the Global Magnitsky Act. Meanwhile, Bulgaria’s caretaker Minister of Finance Assen..

05.06.21 10:22 |

Unanswered questions surrounding NRA’s new Executive Director Rumen Spetsov

Bulgaria’s  P rosecutor's O ffice is checking a company previously owned by the  new  E xecutive D irector of the National Revenue Agency Rumen Spetsov ,  which owes more than EUR 500,000 to the state treasury , announced caretaker..

04.06.21 15:50 |
(L to R) Rumen Spetsov, Herro Mustafa, Assen Vassilev

First visit by a US Ambassador to National Revenue Agency

For the first time a US ambassador paid a visit to the National Revenue Agency (NRA). US Ambassador to Bulgaria Herro Mustafa met with the Agency’s new Executive Director Rumen Spetsov and with caretaker Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev, the..

20.05.21 15:21 |
Toma Bikov

GERB: Caretaker cabinet helps oligarchs abroad regain position in government

The replacement of top figures in the National Customs Agency and the National Revenue Agency is an attempt to control the state apparatus, said Tomislav Donchev, Deputy Chairman of  GERB party. According to  GERB’s former MP..

14.05.21 15:42 |

Caretaker cabinet seeks to increase revenues with a focus on large taxpayers

Pavel Tonev has been appointed D irector of the National Customs Agency, Bulgaria’s caretaker Minister of Finance As s en Vassilev announced at a press-conference. The head of the National Revenue Agency Galya Dimitrova was released due to..

14.05.21 12:17 |

National Revenue Agency checks data announced at a sitting of an ad hoc audit committee

The National Revenue Agency is checking the information announced at the sittings of the parliamentary committee for revision of the government ’s work over the past 10 years . A n  audit  may be conducted , depending on the results of..

10.05.21 14:12 |

Despite the pandemic, tax authorities in Bulgaria report record-high revenues

Revenues to Bulgaria's National Revenue Agency (NAP) as of April 28, 2021 are close to 4.4 billion euros, which is over 450 million euros more than in the same period of 2020, the agency announced. The record revenues from taxes and social security..

07.05.21 09:28 |

Pandemic is boosting e-filing of tax returns: National Revenue Agency

“More than 90% of tax returns are submitted electronically, even by natural persons. This is greatly influenced by the Covid crisis, but also by the digitization of the services,” Rosen Bachvarov spokesperson for the National Revenue Agency said for..

30.03.21 10:32 |

National Revenue Agency checks businesses for dubious practices

The National Revenue Agency of Bulgaria is already using a special software and a supercomputer to find out whether there is a hidden connection between different businesses. The software tries to find out whether companies have common..

18.03.21 13:41 |
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