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The Protection of the Theotokos - a great feast for Orthodox Christians 

The Orthodox Church honors today the church feast of Pokrov Bogorodichen . The feast is both named The Protection of the Theotokos, or The Intercession of the Theotokos as in most Slavic languages, the word "Pokrov" means both "covering" and..

01.10.23 05:50 |

Today the Orthodox church honours St. Paisius of Hilendar

On 19 June, the Bulgarian Orthodox church honours enlightener Paisius of Hilendar, author of Slav-Bulgarian History . Paisius, a monk in Mount Athos, is one of the most prominent figures in Bulgarian history, culture and the church. He..

19.06.23 10:40 |

Preparations for Easter begin after Meatfare Sunday

In the Orthodox calendar, Mesni Zagovezhni (Meatfare Sunday) is an important feast that is always celebrated on Sunday, eight weeks before Easter. At the Sunday liturgy, the Gospels are read. The Orthodox Church evokes the picture of the Last Judgment..

19.02.23 06:05 |

Archangel All Soul’s Day is the last day of the year in which believers honour their dead

Every year, on the first Saturday before the Day of Archangel Michael (8 November), Orthodox Christians mark Archangel All Soul’s Day, the last of the three All Soul’s days set down by the Christian Orthodox church. According to the canon,..

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Today we celebrate St. Euthymius, the last Bulgarian Medieval patriarch

On 20 January the Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates the Day of Bulgarian Patriarch St. Euthymius of Turnovo, one of the most prominent 14 th century Bulgarians and last head of the Turnovo Patriarchate.  Euthymius was born around 1327. At an..

20.01.22 10:11 |

1 January: The Bulgarian Orthodox church honours St. Basil the Great

On 1 January the Bulgarian Orthodox church marks the Feast of the Circumcision of Christ and St. Basil’s Day.  January 1 is the day when the memory is honoured of influential theologian St. Basil the Great, who dedicated himself to pious and..

01.01.22 11:53 |

For the Bulgarian Orthodox church “gender” is no more than a biological concept

Interpreting the notion of “gender” extends beyond legal argument and affects the fundament of the human race – the biological nature of humans and their spiritual significance, reads a position by the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox church..

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