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Prime Minister Denkov calls for dialogue after clash with non-coalition partners

On the occasion of disagreements over the governance memorandum proposed by PP-DB and the refusal of GERB-SDS to sign it, Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov pointed out that "it is normal for the parties to sit down at the negotiating table after the first..

22.02.24 15:27 |

Prime Minister Denkov is in Paris for a working visit

Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov has a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris on Wednesday, February 21, the government press service announced.  Among the topics of discussion will be the foreign policy priorities of Bulgaria - full..

21.02.24 08:05 |

PM Denkov meets with representatives of the US Congress at Munich Security Conference

Bulgaria's Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov discussed with representatives of the US Congress the importance of the strategic dialogue between Bulgaria and the United States at a meeting within the Munich Security Conference, the Council of Ministers..

17.02.24 17:03 |

PM Denkov: We are ready with new memorandum that can be signed with grain producers

We are ready with the main points in the new memorandum that we propose to sign with the farmers. We are waiting for them in order to continue the conversation and finalize the agreement, Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov announced at a briefing. According..

06.02.24 17:14 |

In an interview with CNBC, Prime Minister Denkov says that Ukraine is fighting for all of Europe

Ukraine is not fighting only for its territory, for their country, but also for the whole of Europe, Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov said in an interview with CNBC , part of which was published by the government's press service. The Prime Minister is..

18.01.24 13:40 |

Rotation of prime ministers should be done as quickly and smoothly as possible

Not later than March 6, the cabinet must have resigned so that the new one with Prime Minister Mariya Gabriel can take office as quickly as possible, said Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov, who is in Davos for participation in the World Economic Forum...

17.01.24 09:00 |
PM Denkov

High inflation is the only obstacle to Bulgaria’s entry into the Eurozone

We no longer offer the cheapest labor in the EU. With the increase in incomes, we have overtaken Hungary and Bulgaria is now second to last, Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov said at a Facebook briefing. The only thing that stops us for the Eurozone is the..

10.01.24 11:21 |
PM Denkov

Change of ministers during PM rotation will happen only in isolated cases

We will not make compromises with the composition of the Council of Ministers because of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms during the rotation, Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov, who answered citizens' questions on Facebook for the..

10.01.24 10:07 |

Prime Minister Denkov: 600 million euros allocated for municipal projects

Do not believe words without evidence, no matter who says them. Watch and evaluate the actions. Only they matter, Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov said at the opening of the first government meeting for the year.  "The Ministry of Finance presented..

03.01.24 12:02 |
PM Denkov

Prime Minister Denkov reports 50% increase in foreign investment in 2023

The biggest reform we can do besides the reform in the justice system is to attract more investors. This is what Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov told bTV. With the money they invest and with the way of organization they bring, the wages of the workers are..

23.12.23 11:59 |
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