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The Green Movement

Green Movement leaves We Continue the Change/Democratic Bulgaria coalition

After broad consultations with its members, the Green Movement party is leaving the coalition We Continue the Change/Democratic Bulgaria (PP/DB), and will take part in the election for European Parliament and the early election for the Bulgarian..

15.04.24 17:50 |

Dimitar Glavchev presents caretaker cabinet lineup

Caretaker prime minister designate Dimitar Glavchev presented the composition of the caretaker government to President Rumen Radev and representatives of the political forces represented in parliament, with the exception of the Bulgarian Socialist..

05.04.24 10:49 |
Atanas Atanasov

PP/DB say a political attack has been launched against them

Democratic Bulgaria co-chair Atanas Atanasov accused GERB/SDS, until recently their partners in the government, of launching a political attack against We Continue the Change/Democratic Bulgaria (PP/DB). National Customs Agency head Petya..

04.04.24 18:22 |
Kiril Petkov

There will be no political or expert figures from We Continue the Change taking part in the Glavchev caretaker cabinet, Kiril Petkov says

We Continue the Change/Democratic Bulgaria (PP/DB) co-chair Kiril Petkov stated that his formation would not be taking part – with political or expert figures – in the caretaker cabinet of the President of the National audit Office Dimitar..

30.03.24 11:49 |
boyko Borissov

GERB/SDS gives PP/DB one more day for reflection

A government on a mandate of We Continue the Change/Democratic Bulgaria (PP/DB) is not possible. GERB is not backing down from nominating Maryia Gabriel’s for prime minister, and are giving PP/DB one more day for reflection, GERB leader Boyko..

21.03.24 10:42 |
Boyko Borissov:

Apologizing is the way to continue the negotiations on a government of Bulgaria, GERB/SDS says

Bulgaria is going through a difficult time politically, a time when it has to carry through the first in its history government rotation, as agreed 9 months ago when the cabinet headed by Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov was formed. Yesterday, 19..

20.03.24 11:49 |
Boyko Borissov

GERB sets deadline for negotiating a coalition agreement - by 8 March

The coalition agreement GERB is working on, will be presented to We Continue the Change/Democratic Bulgaria (PP/DB) on 6 March, GERB leader Boyko Borissov told reporters in parliament. Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov and Deputy Prime Minister..

29.02.24 10:32 |
GERB leader Boyko Borissov

Early election is the logical ending of the current government, GERB leader Boyko Borissov says

“They want us to split the country in two, to divide everything fifty-fifty. That is not acceptable for GERB,” said GERB leader Boyko Borissov in a comment on the memorandum proposed by We Continue the Change/Democratic Bulgaria (PP/DB) on the..

21.02.24 11:03 |
PP/DB co-chair Kiril Petkov

PP/DB drafts memorandum, if GERB/SDS does not approve it – then early election

We Continue the Change/Democratic Bulgaria (PP/DB) have drafted a memorandum which they want to be transformed into an agreement of governance of the country, and want it to be signed by GERB/SDS. Prime Minister Denkov will tender his..

21.02.24 09:55 |

The early abolition of the derogation for the import of Russian oil to be voted in plenary

Even though the proposals for the early cancellation of the derogation for the import of Russian oil failed to garner a sufficient number of votes at today’s sitting of parliament’s Energy Committee, they will be submitted for discussion in plenary..

06.12.23 14:10 |
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