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Bulgaria Today – 10 August 2022

Welcome to Bulgaria Today on August 10. We open up with the leading news and stories today and a weather report for tomorrow. Next, we are to tell you more about Bulgaria’s hot political summer . In today’s music slot, we bring you some Bulgarian pop..

10.08.22 18:00 |
Milen Mitev - BNR Director General, Snezhana Yoveva - director of the State Cultural Institute

BNR and Bulgaria’s Cultural Institute join efforts to promote Bulgarian culture around the world

The Bulgarian National Radio is now a partner of Bulgaria’s State Cultural Institute (SCI) with the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the promotion of Bulgarian culture around the world. This became possible through the signing of a strategic..

13.07.22 13:37 |

Bulgaria Today – 16 June 2022

Welcome to Bulgaria Today on June 16. We open up with the leading news and stories today and a weather report for tomorrow. Next, we are to tell you more about energy independence and if it is really possible in Bulgaria. In..

16.06.22 18:00 |

Maya Daskalova: Over 90 world radio stations broadcasted Radio Bulgaria's programs

Radio Bulgaria's foreign-language programmes are particularly important for Bulgarian communities around the world, as well as for the second and third generations of Bulgarians abroad who no longer speak Bulgarian but are looking for a..

07.06.22 15:37 |

When and how the foreign-language broadcasts of the Bulgarian radio emerged

After the 1950s, the programmes in French, English, German, Italian, Turkish, Greek, Serbo-Croatian and Albanian were created, in 1956 the Bulgarian Radio also launched broadcasts in Arabic . This action was provoked by the Suez..

15.05.22 08:15 |

Bulgaria Today – 12 May 2022

In “Bulgaria Today” on Thursday, the 12th of May, we bring you, first, the latest news from this country.  Next on the show: an interview with Dobri Mitrev, head of the Bulgarian Industrial Association who has Apocalyptic forecasts for Bulgarian economy..

12.05.22 18:00 |

The fascinating story of the first overseas broadcasts BNR

In 1936 BNR, then under the name of Radio Sofia, started broadcasting on short waves via the ELZA transmitter (the abbreviation coming from the radio station's international code - L-Z-A). The same year the radio started broadcasts to abroad...

18.04.22 16:13 |

Bulgaria Today – 7 April 2022

Welcome to Bulgaria Today on April 7.  We open up with a summary of leading news today and weather report for tomorrow. Next, will the Recovery and Resilience Plan be able to boost Bulgaria’s economy – opinion of economist Stoyan Panchev.  Also,..

07.04.22 18:00 |

Shared emotions from the horror of war

This is the horror of war through the eyes of Ukrainian journalist  Oleksandr Maishev . He sent us photos of a kindergarten in the town of Chernihiv, Northern Ukraine, which was hit by a missile.   Just a few days ago, the children’s laughter could be..

27.02.22 12:00 |

Warm-hearted listener responses to the 86th anniversary of Radio Bulgaria

On the occasion of the 86th anniversary of the first BNR's broadcast abroad, Radio Bulgaria, as its successor since 1992, received letters with congratulations, memories, feedback and recommendations from both long-time listeners and new..

18.02.22 17:18 |

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