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Bulgaria Today – July 29, 2021

In “Bulgaria Today” on Thursday, July 29 we bring you first the latest news stories from this country. Next on the show, we tell you more about the life of a young woman from Slovakia who found happiness in Bulgaria. At the end, we bring you new..

29.07.21 18:00 |

Bulgaria Today – July 20, 2021

In “Bulgaria Today” this Tuesday you can learn the latest news from the country. - You can also hear an interview with therapist Dr. Ognyan Dimov who talks about the fears accumulated during the Covid-19 pandemic. - Find out more about short-lived..

20.07.21 17:30 |
Dimitar Nikolova and his muse and wife - Boryana Zheleva

Dimitar Nikolov: Music, Muse and Radio Bulgaria give meaning to my life

The Bulgarian National Radio has entered life and has long remained a school, music scene and inspiration for the Bulgarian composer Dimitar Nikolov. He is among the few of our colleagues who we can call the doyens of the Music Department..

10.07.21 10:30 |
Andon Baltakov

Bulgarian National Radio - the Bulgarian media offering content in ten languages

"As the new director general of an institution that manages 11 radio programmes and six music groups and offers digital content in 10 languages, my highest priority has been to restore stability ." This was stated in an interview with EBU by the..

07.07.21 18:42 |
Rila Monastery

Rila Monastery and Old Nessebar are the most recognizable UNESCO sites in Bulgaria, our web quiz shows

On the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the first broadcasts of the Bulgarian National Radio abroad , their successor – Radio Bulgaria has launched a quiz with questions about Bulgarian culture and history. In the second issue..

17.06.21 14:07 |
Bulgaria's Vice President Iliana Yotova

Vice President Iliana Yotova: we are good partners with Radio Bulgaria

In an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio, Bulgaria’s Vice President Iliana Yotova emphasized Radio Bulgaria’s essential role in terms of communication with Bulgarians abroad. “We are very good partners and come up with very good initiatives..

24.05.21 17:30 |

Radio Bulgaria wins Association of Spanish-speaking Journalists in Bulgaria awards

Once again, Radio Bulgaria is among the prize-winners of the Worlds and Colours competition organized by the Association of Spanish-speaking Journalists in Bulgaria . The awards are for articles and programmes in Bulgarian and in..

18.04.21 10:30 |

Raina Konstantinova: I wish you success in these difficult times!

Raina Konstantinova is among the personalities who have dedicated their entire professional career to the radio medium. In recent years she was the chairman of the Public Council of the Bulgarian National Radio, and for a long time before..

11.04.21 07:55 |

Ventseslav Nikolov: Radio Bulgaria in Spanish has been the best time of my life

In the year in which Radio Bulgaria celebrates its 85 th anniversary we present some of the veterans of its foreign-language services, trailblazers in the BNR’s programmes targeted at audiences abroad. Without doubt many of..

27.03.21 07:00 |

Ivan Avuski: "Radio Bulgaria is the best translation school"

Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle - each with its own shape, features and unique place, translators and journalists arrange the colourful history of the BNR foreign-language programmes - Radio Bulgaria. In love with their work for 85..

20.03.21 10:25 |
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