Bulgaria in negotiations for natural gas supply from Romania

At a hearing in the Parliamentary Committee on Energy, Caretaker Minister of Energy Rosen Hristov announced that Bulgaria was negotiating with Romania for the supply of natural gas after 2026. He specified that he had already held talks with his..

11.01.23 19:10 |

Schengen membership vote for Bulgaria and Romania can be initiated after objections are withdrawn

Sweden will not initiate a vote on Schengen membership for Bulgaria and Romania in the Council until the objections of the countries that oppose the move are withdrawn. The news was reported by the Swedish ambassador to the EU, Lars..

09.01.23 16:21 |

Balkan developments

Greek and Turkish ships exchange air shots in the Aegean Sea The crew of a Greek Coast Guard cutter fired warning shots on January 5 to deter a Turkish Coast Guard vessel that tried to ram it, authorities in Athens said, BTA reports. The..

06.01.23 11:40 |

Police officers from Bulgaria, Romania and Greece guard Bansko during the winter season

Gendarmerie and motor patrols from Blagoevgrad will help the police in Bansko to ensure the smooth stay of tourists during the winter tourist season 2022/2023 in the ski resort in the Pirin Mountains. Police officers from Romania are already on the..

19.12.22 18:44 |

Balkan developments

Mayor of Istanbul sentenced to prison for insulting high ranking public officials   A Turkish court convicted the mayor of Istanbul Ekrem Imamoglu, at first instance, sentencing him to two years and seven months of imprisonment on charges..

16.12.22 14:01 |

Bulgarian road hauliers support their Romanian colleagues for the abolition of border control

"Since we are not allowed in Schengen, the governments of Bulgaria and Romania will abolish border control between their own countries, " says the position of the Chamber of Motor Carriers in Bulgaria. From there, they state that they support the..

13.12.22 13:59 |

Romanian hauliers call for abolition of border controls with Bulgaria

The National Union of Road Hauliers from Romania - UNTRR condemns Austria's vote against Romania's accession to the Schengen area and asks the Romanian government to lift border controls with Bulgaria. This is reported by the Romanian news agency..

12.12.22 18:30 |

The identity for Bessarabian Bulgarians is the most secure thing they have

More than 200 years ago, fleeing from the Ottoman invaders, thousands of Bulgarians left their homeland to settle in Bessarabia. Over the years, the territory where they resettled passed from the borders of Romania and Russia, then the USSR, and..

12.12.22 14:16 |

Bulgaria and Romania remain outside Schengen once again - what to expect next?

Austria and the Netherlands were the two European countries that stopped Bulgaria on its way to Schengen in the vote on December 8. The main argument pointed out was weakness in the rule of law, as well as the influx of illegal..

12.12.22 14:09 |
Ilhan Kyuchyuk

MEP Ilhan Kyuchyuk: We are heading into the abyss as regards Schengen and the Eurozone

In the wake of the Council of the EU decision not to admit Bulgaria and Romania to the Schengen area, Bulgarian MEP from the Renew Europe Group Ilhan Kyuchyuk warned that Bulgaria’s non-admission to Schengen is turning into a big problem for the..

09.12.22 13:29 |
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