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International Technical Fair 2023 starts in Plovdiv

The 77th edition of the Plovdiv International Technical Fair will be held until September 17. Over 200 companies from 14 countries participate in it. The exhibition showcases new technologies in the spheres of construction,..

14.09.23 08:45 |

Warm and sunny weather on the last day of September

Tomorrow, September 30, the weather will be mostly sunny. After noon, scattered high clouds will appear over Western Bulgaria. Light to moderate winds will continue to blow from the southwest.  In the morning hours, short-term fog is possible in some..

29.09.22 19:45 |

Rainfalls stop on Wednesday

On Wednesday , the lowest temperatures will be between 10°C and 15°C, in Sofia around 11°C. It will be mostly sunny until noon. There will be more clouds in the afternoon but short rainfalls are expected only in some places in the..

27.09.22 19:45 |

Warm and windy weather with rain showers expected on Tuesday

On Tuesday, the lowest temperatures will range from 11°C to 16°C , in Sofia - 12°C. It will be cloudy over the whole country with showers in many places that will intensify in the afternoon and evening. Warning for strong wind is in..

26.09.22 19:45 |

Temperature continues to drop on Sunday

Colder air will continue to move in on Sunday with moderate to strong winds from the northwest. Temperatures in the eastern regions of Bulgaria will also drop and the highest will range between 16°-17°C in western Bulgaria to..

17.09.22 17:55 |

Warm autumn weather expected across the country

On Wednesday the weather will be mostly sunny, with scattered clouds in the afternoon. It will be colder in the morning, but during the day the highest temperatures will reach 25 - 30°C; in Sofia - 26°C. It will be sunny at..

13.09.22 19:45 |

Bulgaria Today – 12 September 2022

Welcome to Bulgaria Today on September 12. We open up with the leading news and stories today and a weather report for tomorrow. Next, we are to tell you more about the Bulgarian link in the dynasty of Great Britain’s monarchs. In today’s..

12.09.22 18:00 |

Tuk-Tam Career Hive forum gathers Bulgarians from all over the world on September 16

The Tuk-Tam career hive forum will once again attract Bulgarians who wish to use the education and skills they acquired abroad back in their home country. The event will be held on September 16 in Inter Expo Center in Sofia. Representatives of..

11.08.22 08:00 |

Number of polling stations abroad to be announced by September 10

The Central Election Commission (CEC) need to determine the locations where overseas voting sections will be established by September 10, 2022, which is 21 days before the elecdtions. This became known at today's meeting of the commission, BTA..

04.08.22 18:48 |

Rainfalls and cold wind expected on Day of Bulgarian Independence

On Wednesday the weather in Bulgaria will be cloudy and rainy. Moderate wind from the northwest will continue to bring temperatures down. The lowest temperatures will be between 7 and 12 °C and the highest would reach 16 to 21°C. In..

21.09.21 19:45 |
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