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The 2017 agreement with North Macedonia is unshakable

The Bulgarian members of the Joint Historical Commission under the Good Neighbourliness Treaty between Bulgaria and North Macedonia have presented the results achieved by the Commission to the Ministries of Education and Foreign Affairs . The clauses in..

14.09.22 14:23 |

History Commission: King Samuel was the ruler of the Bulgarian kingdom centered in the present-day Republic of North Macedonia

King Samuel was the ruler of a large medieval state, which most of modern historians consider to be the Bulgarian kingdom with its center in what is today the Republic of North Macedonia, the Joint Commission on Historical and Educational Affairs,..

15.08.22 17:18 |

Atanas Velichkov: European Council proposal is the best solution for Bulgaria and North Macedonia

After a week of street protests in Skopje against the French framework proposal for the start of negotiations for the accession of North Macedonia to the EU, a topical question exists: Why is Bulgaria’s southwestern neighbor delaying the decision..

12.07.22 14:35 |

Foreign Ministry sends note to Skopje over "anti-European narrative"

The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry has sent a note to the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of North Macedonia regarding the numerous anti-Bulgarian manifestations and slogans in recent days, the Bulgarian MFA said in Sofia.  "It is particularly worrying..

12.07.22 14:34 |
Stevo Pendarovski, President of North Macedonia

Pendarovski: The chances of Bulgarians being included in North Macedonia's Constitution are slim

The French proposal gives the Republic of North Macedonia a chance to start EU accession talks after 17 years of waiting. This is a "transitional compromise with a roadblock in place," said Stevo Pendarovski, the president of the Republic of North..

10.07.22 16:52 |
Protests in Skopje

Bulgaria's Foreign Ministry: Clashes in Skopje over the French proposal are worrying

Bulgaria's outgoing foreign minister, Teodora Genchovska, has described as worrying the clashes and protests in Skopje because of the French proposal to start the EU membership negotiations for North Macedonia. "Let's give them the opportunity..

06.07.22 16:07 |

Adopting French offer for North Macedonia is correct but more work is ahead, Defense Minister says

The French offer for the start of EU membership talks with North Macedonia, recently adopted by the Bulgarian National Assembly, is correct and responsible, the Minister of Defense Dragomir Zakov has told BNR. The minister..

26.06.22 13:05 |

PM Kiril Petkov: Bulgarian National Assembly's decision on Republic of North Macedonia is historic

"Today, the Bulgarian parliament took a historic decision by giving a green light to the proposal for EU accession of North Macedonia," Prime Minister Kiril Petkov wrote on Twitter.  In an interview with Politico , the prime minister called on..

24.06.22 18:30 |
Slavi Trifonov

BSP did not support lifting of veto on North Macedonia; ITN leader Trifonov angry at parliament’s decision

"The BSP did not support lifting the veto on the Republic of North Macedonia and all allegations that we have betrayed the national interest are lies," said the party's Executive Bureau and its parliamentary group. The document points out that the..

24.06.22 18:10 |
Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev

President Radev on North Macedonia: The Council of Ministers should not hide behind the Parliament

"We would not have received the French proposal, which is the best so far, if Bulgaria had not defended the veto on North Macedonia ‘ s EU accession talks with a clear position last year. Our European partners already share this position - that..

22.06.22 11:01 |

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