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Idea for presidential republic belongs to "There is Such a People", party leader says

President Rumen Radev has nothing to do with the referendum launched by "There is Such a People" who want to replace the parliamentary form of government with a presidential one, party leader Slavi Tifonov announced at a briefing. ITN have..

26.01.23 17:40 |

Anton Kutev: Slavi Trifonov's call for a presidential republic referendum is a pre-election provocation

The leader of ITN party, Slavi Trifonov, has not coordinated with the current head of state of Bulgaria Rumen Radev his proposal for ​​holding a referendum on a presidential republic, Anton Kutev, the spokesman of the caretaker cabinet, told Nova TV...

27.08.22 14:37 |

ITN want referendum asking if Bulgaria should be presidential or parliamentary republic

The leader of "There is Such a People" Slavi Trifonov said he supports a national referendum with the question "Should Bulgaria be a presidential or a parliamentary republic?". "I saw the political system from the inside -..

26.08.22 17:01 |
Georgi Svilenski

There has been no discussion of There Is Such a People not having ministers in a prospective cabinet, BSP says

“During the negotiations on the formation of a government, there has been no discussion of There Is Such a People not having  ministers in the cabinet,” Georgi Svilenski, chairman of the parliamentary group of the Bulgarian Socialist Party stated...

23.07.22 12:53 |
Slavi Trifonov

ITN walks out of negotiations to form government

There is such a p eople (ITN) leaves the negotiations for a new government with the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) mandate during the current term of the National Assembly. Our party is ready for new elections, said its leader Slavi Trifonov in..

22.07.22 21:08 |
Radostin Vassilev, outgoing sports minister

Former ITN MPs plan to start new political project

Since the ITN party has not fulfilled its promises to the voters, it makes no sense for it to continue to exist. Such an opinion was expressed by the outgoing sports minister, Radostin Vassilev, to Nova TV. He is one of the 6 members who left the..

10.07.22 12:35 |
Slavi Trifonov

ITN leader sues outgoing prime minister for 25,000 euros

The chairman of "There is Such a People" (ITN), Slavi Trifonov, whose party was a coalition partner in Kiril Petkov's government, has filed a lawsuit against the prime minister for non-pecuniary damage. If he lost the case, Kiril Petkov would pay..

27.06.22 19:03 |
Slavi Trifonov

BSP did not support lifting of veto on North Macedonia; ITN leader Trifonov angry at parliament’s decision

"The BSP did not support lifting the veto on the Republic of North Macedonia and all allegations that we have betrayed the national interest are lies," said the party's Executive Bureau and its parliamentary group. The document points out that the..

24.06.22 18:10 |

Bulgarian political parties argue over the French proposals for North Macedonia

The French proposal to lift the veto over the start of negotiations between North Macedonia and the EU wants us to let Skopje start the process, and the EU and France will ensure that all Bulgarian conditions are met only then. This was stated by the..

19.06.22 11:44 |

ITN leader Slavi Trifonov denies having any agreements with the opposition

Speaking about recent comments about a new majority in parliament, leader of “There is Such a People” (ITN) Slavi Trifonov wrote in his Facebook account that there was no coalition between his party, GERB and MRF. Trifonov added that the ousting..

16.06.22 19:17 |
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