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Slavi Trifonov

There Is Such a People will support a government on the mandate of We Continue the Change: Slavi Trifonov

“There Is Such a People (ITN) will support a government on the mandate of We Continue the Change,” ITN leader Slavi Trifonov said for the BNR.   “What Bulgaria needs is a government different from the government that ruled the country in the..

18.11.21 13:49 |
Slavi Trifonov

There is Such a People: Negotiations on forming a government should be transparent

"If I had a time machine, I would do the same again," leader of "There is Such a People" party, Slavi Trifonov, said on the air of TV 7/8. We recall that after being the first force in the parliamentary elections in July, but failed..

15.11.21 00:57 |
Slavi Trifonov

Slavi Trifonov: ITN is not to blame for the lack of regular cabinet

It is a lie that “There is Such a People” party is to blame for the lack of a regular cabinet, the leader of “There is Such a People” Slavi Trifonov wrote on Facebook on the occasion of statements of “sociologists, political scientists and people with..

19.09.21 15:54 |

Hristo Ivanov: The handing of the third government-forming mandate to the BSP marked the start of the election campaigning

“I went to see Slavi Trifonov (leader of ITN – editorial note) to call on him so that, with the third exploratory mandate , we can correct the mistakes we failed to mend during the first mandate,” “Democratic Bulgaria” co-chair Hristo Ivanov..

29.08.21 11:43 |
Kiril Petkov

Kiril Petkov about the meetings with ITN party: Slavi Trifonov invited us

“A member of “There is Such a People” (ITN) party came to my office and said: “ You and Minister Assen Vassilev are doing a good job. Can I arrange a meeting with Toshko Yordanov (Chairman of the Parliamentary group of ITN), because I would be very..

28.08.21 15:12 |
Ivaylo Mirchev

Ivaylo Mirchev: The chances of forming a government are good if ITN return to the negotiations

“The chances of forming a government are good, provided ITN (“There Is Such a People”) take part in the negotiations on its formation,” “Democratic Bulgaria” MP Ivaylo Mirchev said for the BNR. For the purpose there has to be a coalition..

23.08.21 12:59 |
Slavi Trifonov

Slavi Trifonov: ITN will not support a government with the third cabinet-forming mandate

T here is a possibility that all political parties except for ITN   will unite to support the formation of a cabinet for six months after this country‘ s President hands the third cabinet-forming mandate, said the leader of There is Such..

14.08.21 17:00 |
Slavi Trifonov

Political power should not be taken at any cost, Slavi Trifonov says

"There is Such a People" is the real opponent of GERB and MRF. This is what party leader Slavi Trifonov wrote in Facebook. "If ITN had not appeared on the political stage, power would have still been in the hands of Boyko Borissov, GERB and the..

11.08.21 18:54 |
Slavi Trifonov

ITN: We will not propose a cabinet, Bulgaria is headed toward new early elections

ITN party will not put its prospective cabinet to voting in plenary hall on Wednesday, announced the leader of “There is Such a People” party (ITN) Slavi Trifonov on his private TV channel and on Facebook. “We did our best and made all types..

10.08.21 16:49 |
Slavi Trifonov

Slavi Trifonov: Parties of change must support ITN’s prospective cabinet for 6 reasons

The parties of change must support the prospective cabinet of ITN for 6 reasons, the leader of "There is Such a People" party Slavi Trifonov wrote on Facebook. “Bulgaria must completely get rid of GERB’s model of government; make judicial reform and..

09.08.21 12:31 |
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