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Roma children are taking part in "The Bird of Happiness" performance

Eighteen Roma children will perform today on the stage of the Sliven-based puppet theater in the performance "The Bird of Happiness". The fourth-graders from the "Miladinovi Brothers" and "Yurii Gagarin" elementary schools not only participate in the..

26.01.24 07:05 |

Exhibition of works by Velin Dinev in Sliven

A solo exhibition of works by Velin Dinev is on in Sliven to mark the artist’s 85 th birthday, the municipality press service has announced.   For more than 40 years the artist has reaped success in painting and batique. He has had numerous solo..

16.12.23 08:25 |

Gladiator battles, mock slave market and delicious dishes at the Medieval Festival near Sliven

More than 200 people will take part in the reenactment of the life in peace and war of the peoples who inhabited the ancient fortress near today's town of Sliven in the period from late antiquity to the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.   The medieval..

07.10.23 06:20 |

National livestock exhibition takes place in Sliven

The 17th National Livestock Exhibition Sliven 2023 is being held in Sliven, South-Eastern Bulgaria, on October 6 and 7. The event is organized by the Executive Agency for Selection and Reproduction in Livestock Breeding and..

06.10.23 14:28 |

Sliven Industrial Park awaits its investors

An industrial park will be established in Sliven on the territory of the former Barshen Airport, stretching over nearly 667 acres.  This project, which is one of the largest industrial development projects in Bulgaria, has been entered in the..

07.09.23 18:45 |
President Radev met with survakari for Bango Vasil. The tradition in Bulgaria is that in the first hours of the New Year the children visit homes and wish for health, happiness and fertility with their survachkas (decorated cornel twigs).

President Radev met with Roma New Year's greeters

President Rumen Radev met with children from two schools in Sliven on the occasion of the Roma New Year festival Bango Vasil .  He praised the kids for their high grades in class . "Your progress is not only a joy for your parents and families, it..

13.01.23 18:35 |

Peach producers: Imports from Greece are killing the local production

Peach producers from the region of Sliven (central Bulgaria) have threatened with effective protest actions because of the low purchase prices of peaches. According to them, imports from Greece are killing the local business, so they want the state to..

10.08.22 15:38 |
Municipality of Sliven

Experts discuss ideas for the renovation of abandoned buildings and locations

Architects and municipal officials from all over the country held a three-day training seminar in the town of Sliven, dedicated to the renovation of abandoned areas in Bulgaria. The initiative was organized by the Municipality of Sliven, in..

17.06.22 17:58 |

More than 300 subsidized jobs for Ukrainians in Burgas, Sliven and Yambol

In just three days, employers offered over 300 jobs for Ukrainian citizens under the Solidarity project in Burgas, Yambol and Sliven regions , Burgas Employment Agency said. The subsidized jobs are mainly in the tourism sector. Under..

10.06.22 05:40 |

Burshen Airport becomes air ambulance service center

Burshen Airport near Sliven will become one of the six centers for Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS). This is what the Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Transport, Georgi Gvozdeikov, said. The funds for the construction..

07.02.22 19:00 |
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