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Tuida fortress near Sliven wins Best Eco Museum prize

The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) named the late antique and medieval fortress Tuida the world’s best eco museum. The cultural and historical landmark located near the town of Sliven (Southeastern Bulgaria) won two first prizes at..

17.07.21 07:50 |
Blue Stones Nature Park

Environmentalists save young falcon near Bulgaria's Sliven

Experts from the Blue Stones Nature Park have helped save a small baby kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) , the Forests Executive Agency has reported. The young falcon was brought to the park directorate by a man who found it in the industrial zone of Sliven...

19.06.21 15:07 |

Nasimo's “Zhar” - the largest street mural in Eastern Europe

The largest street mural in Eastern Europe and the Balkans can now be seen in Sliven. The work is entitled "Zhar" ( Embers ) and is the work of world-famous Bulgarian graffiti artist - Stanislav Trifonov (Nasimo). One of the first street..

13.06.21 10:05 |

Severe crash temporarily halts Rally Sliven

Turkish driver Ugur Soylu was badly injured in a crash during Rally Sliven, he has cerebral edema and a broken vertebra. His navigator Aras Dincer is unhurt. The car with the Turkish crew veered off track across uneven terrain at high..

12.06.21 15:49 |
Regional Historical Museum in Sliven

Sliven-based museum to offer online history lessons for Bulgarian children living abroad

The Regional History Museum in Sliven will organize a series of virtual lessons for children studying in Bulgarian schools abroad. Topics will include  lessons about the ancient Thracians, the National Revival period figures, the national revolutionary..

28.02.21 07:15 |
Ass. Prof. Angel Kunchev

Curbing the new Covid-19 outbreaks to be done without extreme measures

The new outbreaks of coronavirus in Bulgaria can be curbed without resorting to extreme measures such as imposing full quarantine and setting up entry and exit checkpoints, Bulgaria's Chief State Inspector Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev told Nova TV..

06.06.20 13:24 |

Antique Tuida fortress in Sliven is in harmony with rhythm of life and needs of modern society

“On the way to the sea we spent a wonderful day in Sliven, known as the city of the hundred voivodes. One of the most interesting places we visited there was the late antique and medieval fortress Touida."- this is probably how a tourist would..

24.03.20 09:45 |

Protest of pig farmers blocks Sliven – Yambol road for fourth day

The blockade of the main road Sliven - Yambol, southeastern Bulgaria, in the area of the village of Krushare continues for the fourth day as pig farmers are protesting. The protest is against the requirement by the veterinary authorities for culling..

05.08.19 10:49 |

New finds unearthed at Tuida fortress near Sliven

A building of solid construction with walls almost 80 cm. high was found during archaeological excavations at the Tuida fortress near Sliven, which dates back to Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. At the end of the 6 th and the beginning of..

24.08.18 11:39 |
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