Denitsa Sekulichka

Bulgarians in Slovakia: our heart beats to the rhythm of Bulgaria

Spreading Bulgarian culture around the world and preserving our national identity in Slovakia - this is what Denica Sekoulitchka, chairwoman of the Bulgarian Cultural Union in Bratislava and editor of the Bulgarian "Sanarodnik"..

09.01.23 12:43 |

Bulgarian Agriculture Minister: Wheat from Ukraine causes serious imbalance in domestic markets

Wheat is produced in very large quantities in Bulgaria in compliance with all European environmental parameters. Although Bulgaria is a friendly country to Ukraine, the grain coming from there is not produced to the same standard and is seriously..

07.10.22 17:52 |

Bulgarian PM Kiril Petkov and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz discuss war in Ukraine

In a telephone conversation Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz discussed the war in Ukraine, the press service of the Council of Ministers has reported. PM Petkov has informed the German..

30.04.22 10:24 |
Queen Giovanna Hospital

Oncologists from Bulgaria and Slovakia apply new method of treating prostate cancer

A new method of treating prostate cancer is to be applied in the case of two patients at Queen Giovanna Hospital (ISUL) in Sofia on 10 December. By inserting grains of iodine 125 isotope, the tumour in the gland is irradiated internally in..

10.12.21 07:05 |

Tatiana from Slovakia sees Bulgaria as home full of beauty and love

The feeling of success, no matter where one settles down, comes from communication with other people and the support you receive, from the achievements in work, as well as from pleasure in everyday life. When all this is present, one can be..

29.07.21 11:20 |
Ambassador Manuel Korcek

Ambassador Manuel Korcek: Bulgaria and Slovakia are not unfamiliar partners

2020 marks the 100 th anniversary since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia. Regrettably, the coronavirus pandemic has caused the celebration of such memorable events to be cancelled. In..

17.11.20 14:26 |

Three countries with joint exhibition dedicated to heroic women

The Czech Center in Sofia presents three projects coming from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria, dedicated to historic female figures - controversial, loved and hated, but ones who have left their mark in history and enabled other women..

14.10.20 15:05 |

Dimana Ivanova – to Slovakia and back

“We, the Bulgarians, are very respected and valued among the people of Slovakia. This is perhaps the only country where I have felt a genuine honour and pride to be Bulgarian,” this is how a young Bulgarian, graduate from the University..

29.08.20 05:20 |

As of today Bulgarians can only enter Slovakia after negative PCR test, and are subject to quarantine

As of 6 July, Slovakia is introducing stricter requirements for entry into the country by Bulgarian citizens. All Bulgarians wishing to enter the territory of Slovakia are required to have a negative PCR test result. The test has to have..

06.07.20 08:08 |

Three Bulgarians bestowed highest state decoration of Slovakia for foreign nationals

Three Bulgarians were awarded the highest state decoration of Slovakia bestowed on foreign nationals.  At a special ceremony at the embassy of Slovakia in Sofia Alexander Dimitrov was awarded the Order of the White Double Cross, 3 rd..

16.11.18 18:22 |
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