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New solar panels manufacturing plant in Stara Zagora will need workers from the region

A groundbreaking ceremony for a plant for the manufacture of photovoltaic panels and cells is to take place in the region of Stara Zagora by the end of this year. 15-20 hectares of land will be needed to build the plant and the investor has been..

17.02.24 08:05 |

The 17-centuries-old monastery "Saint Athanasius the Great" protects the Bulgarian church and people

A great blessing and joy for all Orthodox Christians in Bulgaria is the Saint Athanasius Monastery near the town of Chirpan. It was founded by the saint himself in ‎the IV century (344), near an old Roman fortress, close to the then town of Beroe..

18.01.24 15:31 |

14-year-old bear Diana living in the Stara Zagora Zoo is already hibernating

The 14-year-old brown bear Diana has been hibernating for ten days now. She is one of the nine representatives of her species, raised with a lot of love and care in the Stara Zagora Zoo. One of the oldest bears living in a Bulgarian..

04.11.23 09:10 |

Protesting miners and energy workers are collecting signatures for an effective strike

The protests of Bulgarian miners and energy workers from the Maritsa East complex continue for the 11th day. Road blocks continue on the Trakia highway at the 208th kilometer, at the junction in the direction of Stara Zagora and in the direction of..

09.10.23 11:17 |

Blockade on Struma Highway lifted, protesters continue to block Trakia

After a three-day blockade of the "Struma" highway, protesting energy workers from the "Bobov Dol" thermal power plant cleared the road , BNR correspondent in Kyustendil, Kiril Falin, has reported. However, the blockade on the Trakia highway..

04.10.23 17:52 |

European Week of Sport urges Bulgarians to #BeActive

Under the motto "All together for sport" , the Ministry of Youth and Sports is organising a European Week of Sport #BeActive. The official opening of its ninth edition will take place today at 6 PM in front of the capital's National Palace of Culture...

23.09.23 07:10 |
На националния протест на миньори и енергетици от целия въгледобивен сектор у нас, подкрепен от КНСБ и КТ Подкрепа - 19 септември 2023 г.

Miners gather in protest in the Triangle of Power

Hundreds of coal miners and energy workers from across the country gathered for a protest in the so-called "Triangle of Power" - the space between the Council of Ministers, the Presidency and the parliament building, BGNES reports.  "For a clear and..

19.09.23 14:51 |

Wine lovers gather in Stara Zagora for Avgustiada 2023

From today until the end of the week Stara Zagora will host the traditional Wine and Cultural Heritage Festival Avgustiada 2023 . The event will take place on the Ancient Roman Street in the city centre.  The festival will begin with a procession..

15.09.23 08:20 |

Miners and TPP employees will be redirected to other activities

By 2030, nearly 12,000 people will have to be reassigned to new jobs due to declining demand for coal from the TPPs. This is according to the updated versions of the Fair Transition territorial plans for the districts of Stara Zagora, Pernik and..

11.08.23 16:19 |
Nikolay Denkov

Over €1 bn of EU funds to be invested in the regions of Pernik, Kyustendil and Stara Zagora

The Ministries of Energy and Regional Development published the plans for the territorial development of the regions of Stara Zagora, Pernik and Kyustendil. "We are talking about an investment of more than €1 billion from European funds, which will..

09.08.23 13:47 |
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